Jan. 21st, 2006

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What a horrible day. I went to work this morning, and all was going well. I was tired, but expecting yo go home and nakedly tackle my husband when I got off. Then I gave myself second degree burns. Yeah- they hurt. Boiling water from the steam table splashed all over my forearms when I was taking out a pan. Luckily, the threat of blisters was headed off by frequent icings between knife chops and I emerged with only one small, gross, little blister. Still, I can't wear long sleeves yet or allow my forearms to touch anything without some degree of discomfort... and I dread the idea of a hot shower/bath. Sponge bathing it is, at least for a few days. At least my laptop is now on its way. It shipped yesterday (yay!). The ONLY good thing that happened yesterday. I mistook the bus schedule and arrived halfway through Greek. As a result I was grilled and picked at following my translation more than anyone else. I'm going to hate this semester Surprisingly, the only class I'm liking right now is Nani's. Apparently he's much less of an asshole in small majors classes than when he teaches Mythology.
Anyway, tomorrow I'm going home to get my birthday presents as soon as David gets off work, so right now I should probably be doing my homework (including the thesis segment I owed to Ketterer this past Tuesday), and not journaling and reading Tolkein. But I'm at home, alone, and hungry, so I will probably end up braving the layers of ice in our parking lot and going to HyVee for Ben & Jerry's instead, and the homework will fall to the wayside.


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