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What a friggin' day. I went into work today expecting to work four to six hours. After all, I was just coming in to help out with superbowl party foods, I wasn't even scheduled. Yeah, no. My co-worker, Cluresa, aka Old Lady, aka Bucket Nazi(long story), aka Pain in My Ass decided to call in sick this morning. THIS MORNIING. SUPERBOWL SUNDAY. We were friggin' swamped. I had to do the work of two people and it sucked! Granted, I did all HER work as half-assedly as possible. I'm not about to do anything ever again to make her life easier. Why? Becasue she lives to make my life more difficult. She's only ever sick when its inconvenient for others, and I always have to cover. So I left half an hour early after deciding, fuck it, I just don't care.

I was home for about an hour when my darling hubby called to tell me he was coming home... so he could go to the emergency room. He'd had swelling in his leg for a few days, and now a fierce head ache. The ultrasound confirmed what we had guessed, that he has a blood clot in his right calf. He'll be taking nightly injections of a blood thinner for three days, and then he'll go on an oral blood thinner for three to six months. The shots are supposedly pricey, as I'm sure we'll find out tomorrow when we fill the prescription, but luckily, the oral blood thinners are only a dollar a dose after the insurance picks up their 80%. Whew.

Now I feel just blah. maybe I'm just tired and stressed, but it's hard to tell, considering that everybody at work is sick right now. And my early onset arthritis/atrophying thymus gland is bothering me again. My knees and ankles are throbbing on and off this past week. Sigh. Perhaps tomorrow I will stay home with my bubby hubby until I have to go to work at one. I can't call in sick because everybody will assume I'm somehow doing it to spite Hag Bag. I swear, every time I call in sick, somebody accuses me of faking illness. I just can't win.


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