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I just had to specifically articulate a no-politics rule... on my friggin' [livejournal.com profile] doodlemutts community of all things. FFS, is nothing sacred? I don't give a fuck if Biden has a goldendoodle. That would make it the only thing we have in common...

Anyway, I issued a warning, deleted the post, and made a mod post stating the new rule. Wonder how long it will take before the member gets all angsty about me stifling her dissenting voice...

I just want one place in my flist that is drama-free, FFS.


And now I had to ban someone for making a snarky political comment TO ME THE MOD in a MOD POST about political comments not being tolerated. *waves to [livejournal.com profile] petulant*
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This is utterly unconscionable. Just... no. And yet there are people in this world so morally bereft as to think this is okay.
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Lieberman is kicking ass in Connecticut. Maseltov!
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Yay! I voted. If you know me well, you know my leanings. But I am sorely disappointed in the system here. For one, there is way too much possibility for voter fraud. There was no ID check. Hell, you don't even need ID here, as long as a registered voter vouches for you. No lie. In fact, you can register 30 seconds before you cast your ballot. Which leads to the fraud... a partisan organization has been sending in illegal immigrants to the pools to attempt to register, hoping that in the hubbub they won't be screened properly (a valid assumption, alas) and their illegal votes would be counted. The FBI is on to them and is not only stopping the voting from occurring, but taking them into custody and shipping their asses back wherefrom they came. On being questioned, they spill all to avoid deportation, which is how we know who'e doing it. And I may have just given away my affiliation. Oh well. MIght as well go with it now.

And there were only 6 booths. Everyone else had to wait in a long line or vote with no privacy at the tables. Then there are other issues... apparently the new voting machines have been tampered with. People voting the straight GOP ticket are having their vote show up on the screen DFL-- no way to fix it because it comes up on the screen after the vote has been counted already. Pretty fucked up. There has been more than one case of voter intimidation on the part of the poll judges.

I don't hold out much hope of victory in this state for my party. We just aren't dynamic. I'll put it simply: You hand a little girl a poorly made hot pink t-shirt and a well made grey one, and she's going to take the one with the pretty color. Well, one can say the same thing for adults and politics. All across the country, if you poll the people based on issues, an amazing majority of them will vote the so-called "conservative" side of the issue. Yet when it comes to voting on a canditate, they will vote against their interests in favor of the flashy smooth-talker type. Think about it- labor unions backed Al Gore, the same guy who pushed NAFTA through, which is the biggest reason we've lost jobs to overseas. Red-neck reactionaries, we're talking good ol' boys living in a 1950's mentality (not that we want to claim them) vote Democrat: for more government, more touchy-feely political correctness, higher taxes and UN ineffectual diplomatic bullshit.

I want people in charge who don't talk about change for the sake of change. I want people in charge who stand for old-fashioned American values, not this PC international pacifist take-it-in-the-ass when people fuck with us bullshit. We need to get dynamic. We won't win votes by this "compassionate conservative" shit. We need to differentiate ourselves from the left, not lean to the center. We need to do what we think is right and say "fuck you" to anyone who disagrees. Because for me, that's how it oughta be. We didn't get to be the most independent nation in the world by kissing anyone's ass. We didn't get here by being wishy-washy. And we sure as hell didn't take shit from anybody along the way. Now I'm not saying we're a perfect nation. I'm not saying we've always done everything right. And I don't want you to think that I blindly tow the party line. I'm not an expert on law, medicine, economics, or anything else that is politically useful. But I can come to a reasonable conclusion given the right information.

And... I'm too tired to rant any longer. You'll probab;y get more out of me in the morning.
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I am so fucking pissed I can't even see straight. My German history professor diverted from the syllabus and gave a lecture on "Germany in the Age of 9/11" which basically consisted of a long string of criticisms of the Bush administration's foreign policy occasionally punctuated with the qualifier "Most germans thought...". and half of what she said was totally fucked up. Example: most Germans thought that if Americans really believed a.) that the war would be over quickly, b.) that restructuring the government would be easy and without opposition, and c.) that few civilians would get hurt, that those Americans were stupid." I'm sorry, when did we make those claims? I seem to remember Bush saying that we wouldn't be out of Iraq any time during his presidency, that work would go on in Iraq long after he was out of office, and that it would take a lot of hard work and would cost some livs in the process.
Then she moves on to talk about the 'selfish" nature of American foreign aid, saying that we only gave aid so that we could force third world countries to buy our expensive products, and that "Germans felt" that the real way to prevent international problems was to eliminate economic misery so that nobody would want to go to war and everybody would be happy. Socialist drivel, pure and simple. Finally, she expressed the opinion that, since the US was the world's only super power, we had upset the balance of power, and when that kind of thing happens, the sole power is likely to run amok. She said, Americans either had to voluntarily restain themselves, or else Europe had to become strong and united so that they could "check" the US if it should become necessary. That Americans didn't know what war was really like becasue tey hadn't fought one ontheir own soil in so long. They didn't know what it was like to be bombed, the Germans did.
Excuse me. For one, the Germans were the perpetrators, hence they were bombed. In the second place, we were putting our lives on the line to rescue them from a dictator. We then pulled them out of the depression and gave them demoracy. Don't like us fighting foreign wars? Then don't ask for our help next time you start one. There's a reason we don't have domestic wars--we know what the fuck we are doing.
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The following drivel was just sent to the ENITIRE friggin' history department from our psycho-liberal undergrad studies director, carefully phrased as a "career opportunity:


Grassroots Campaigns, Inc.

Grassroots Campaigns is a progressive political consulting firm, specializing in field organizing, strategy, and fundraising for progressive organizations, candidates and campaigns. We are hiring committed activists to win back Congress in '06 and the Presidency in '08.

A recruiter from Grassroots Campaigns will be on campus Tues. Feb 28th Wed. March 1st to meet with interested students. 

Contact Robert Peek
rpeek@grassrootscampaigns.com for more information or to set-up an interview.

In the most recent election cycle, Grassroots Campaigns worked in partnership with the Democratic National Committee to run grassroots fundraising efforts in 50 cities nationwide from April-November 2004. We also ran a precinct-level Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) operation in collaboration with MoveOn PAC, targeting occasional Democratic voters in 10,000 key precincts across 17 swing states.

These efforts require a variety of capable individuals. Presently, we are seeking qualified applicants for Canvass Director and Field Organizer positions. Canvass Directors manage one of up to 30 grassroots field offices, with bottom-line responsibility for all local operations.  Most canvass offices will reach 50,000 households, identify 8,000 new donors and raise $250,000. Field Organizers work in off election years to recruit, train and mange volunteers to pressure Congress on key policy issues concerning foreign policy, the environment, federal court appointments and social security. Closer to Election Day, staff will focus efforts on electoral strategies including voter registration, education, identification and get-out-the-vote strategies.  We are looking for strong candidates who are interested in winning back Congress in 2006 by developing volunteer networks to organize and enable social change in the long-term. 

If you are interested in a position or would like more information, please contact Robert Peek at
rpeek@grassrootscampaigns.com or call at 505-417-7477.

Grassroots Campaigns past and current clients include: MoveOnPAC, Amnesty International, the Democratic National Committee, Human Rights Campaign, People for the American Way, Working America, Defenders of Wildlife, Environmental Action, and Environmental Action PAC.
 To which I replied (and sent a blind copy to Professor Kerber):

No disrespect intended, and whether it presents a career opportunity or not, I find it somewhat inappropriate that you are using the department e-mail list to distribute information on Grassroots Campaigns, Inc..  I am here at Iowa to receive an education in liberal arts, not liberal politics.  Please exclude me from previous such mailings in the future.

I mean, what the hell?  The departmental mailing list is not intended to be used for ramming liberal drivel down the throats of the students.  I am really sick of this place.  Hardly any professor I've ever had has refrained from making politically charged (need I really say in which direction?) statements in class.  It's friggin' irritating.  I'm polite about it.  I don't raise a fuss.  But you can bet your ass that if a conservative professor did anything like this, there would be an uproar.
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Your Political Profile

Overall: 80% Conservative, 20% Liberal

Social Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Ethics: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

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I hate Iowa. Snow everywhere. Bus late, late to class, streets full of slush, icy uphill sidewalks.

I need to move to Texas wherein lies a better climate, fewer allergens, and more Republicans. Seriously, if you go up to someone in Iowa City and say, "I'm a conservative," they look at you as if you just said, "Hello. I'm devotee of Satan. May I help my self to your blood?" It's unreal that Johnson COunty is such a big blue spot in the middle of a state full of conservative farmers. It's all the Chicago suburbanites' fault.

Better yet, Sara and I should move to the Caribbean and take up a life of piracy on the high seas. Yar!

/me hates Iowa
/me vows to murder the next person I hear bitching about the quality of local pizza in annoying Chicago accent.
/me suddenly gets the craving for Bacardi


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