May. 20th, 2009

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I am having a bad day. Week. Month. Year. Life. Take your pick. The condition seems to be accelerating.
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Had a bit of a meltdown about an hour ago and now I can't sleep. My brain is going in a million directions, none of them good. I'm tired and hungry and dehydrated and my bed is lumpy and my refrigerator holds nothing comforting.
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I'm meeting with my advisor tomorrow to discuss why I haven't finished my incompletes and scheduled my MA exams, and to "hammer out a plan" to do so. Promises to be HELL. How do I tell this very nice woman, "I'm too damn depressed to do this shit, and I'm convinced that getting my degree will be more detrimental to my job search than not having it, and by the way, the past three years were the worst of my life, grad school was a bad idea in the first place, and I should have quit after my first semester--I was completely unprepared for graduate study and I'm convinced I have little hope of passing my exams, anyway, so what is the fucking point?"


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