May. 27th, 2009

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Well, I'm not going to knitting group anymore. Tonight was just kind of the last straw. I'm tired of being the closet conservative and listening to all their liberal bullshit. At first it was just the one woman who pissed me off. Not a single week goes by that she doesn't make some blatantly rude anti-religious or anti-conservative comment. Then today, this other woman and I get in a discussion about the quality of the local public schools which basically boils down to her telling me that I'm a deadbeat expecting the school to parent my kid, just because I said I'm sick of them not holding him accountable for his behavior, and in fact, encouraging it. (The other day David went to the school to pick him up early, and when he told Byron "Ok, lets go" Byron replied "Piss off" and his teachers laughed hysterically. How's that for being an authority figure? And that's only one example).

When I politely ended the conversation, she turned to the only other girl who was there and started a conversation about something else and just pretended I wasn't there. Real mature. So, while they were yammering on, I quietly finished the row I was knitting, gathered up my things and left without a word. I had not taken three steps away from my chair when I heard it get really quiet behind me. No doubt they are still sitting over there gossiping about me.

No, I won't be going back.


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