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Either I am having one hell of an allergy attack, or I have a sinus infection. I've been sinusy since Saturday (that sounds like a bad movie title) with occasional headache, frequent cough and abundant post-nasal drip. However, there's absolutely NO POINT in going to the health service until Monday, because they won't give you anything for a sinus infection unless you've been sick for a week or more. You go any sooner and they tell you it's a viral infection that will run its course. Bastards. I think I know a bit about sinus infections, having had them chronicly since the age of 8, and I know that while the initial cause of a sinus infection is a virus that inflames the sinus passages, the SYMPTOMS of the sinus infection (headache, pressure, etc.) are caused be a secondary bacterial infection due to the inability of the sinuses to drain off the bacteria. But what do I know, right? *sniffle*
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Still sick, but a bit better now that I'm full of meds at the moment. The symptoms keep snowballing.

Sunday morning: sore throat
Sunday afternoon: sore throat, sinus drainage
Sunday night: sore throat, sinus drainage, aches and pains
Monday morning/afternoon: sore throat, sinus drainage, more aches and pains
Monday night (all night-- I didn't sleep): sore throat, sinus drainage, fewer aches and pains, tickle in the throat
This morning: sore throat, sinus drainage, fewer aches and pains, dry unproductive cough
Now: all of the above plus nausea.

On my bedside table:

Robitussin, Sudafed, Advil, Vaseline, Chapstick, Puffs Plus, SmartWater, cough drops (Ludens for noms and Ricola for mentholy grossness), hand sanitizer, saline nasal spray, Chloraseptic.

I was up all night last night with my sore throat/sinuses. Every time I was almost asleep, my Chloraseptic would wear off or I'd have to blow my nose again. I drank 98098098 cups of chicken boullion (ew, super-salty, but good for the throat) and played YPP and PopCap games. I took like a two hour nap this morning. Oddly enough, I don't really feel tired. Granted, I did spend a good portion of the last two days sleeping/laying around.
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Still feel like ass. The sore throat is a lot better, but the rest of me feels like shit. My sinuses are a mess and I ache all over. Advil doesn't seem to touch the aches and my Sudafed hasn't kicked in yet. HTe only thing that seems to help is long hot baths to soothe away the aches while the steam breaks up the blockage in my sinuses. Unfortunately, that means I am rather pruny.

I"m not going to the doctor, because I'll make the half hour bus trip all the way there, wait 20 minutes in the waiting room and another 10 in the exam room only to be told that I have a viral infection and that I should take Tylenol and drink lots of fluids. I can tell me that without having to leave the house. To leave the house I would have to move. And moving hurts.

So I am laying around watching movies on my laptop. I'd play YPP, but my mouse arm aches, so I can't play for very long.

Edit: At hubby's request, went to the doctor. I was told (ZOMG! Who knew?) to take Sudafed and Advil, drink lotsa fluids and irrigate my sinuses with salt water. Then she gave me a pamphlet on "Colds & Flu" and sent me on my way. What a waste of a co-pay.
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Woke up this morning (barely morning, it was 11:44, HA!) with disgustingly inflamed tonsils. Great. The hubby was nice enough to get out of bed and take me firs to Walgreens for Chloraseptic and throat drops, then to Noodles and Co. for chicken soup, and then to Jamba Juice for a smoothie, and then we drove around the lake to look at people's doggehs. Other than the fact that I feel like crap, so far it's been a pretty good day.


Aug. 23rd, 2007 03:40 pm
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I was up half the night with the worst heartburn/reflux I've ever experienced in my life. I hate to seem melodramatic, but I seriously thought I was going to die for a minute, It hurt so bad. I was crying. THe hubby asked me if I wanted to go to the ER. Everything from my navel up to the back of my throuat hurt and I couldn't breathe, even after using my inhalor. 150 mg of Zantac, 2 Tums, and four hours later, I was finally able to get to sleep. The I got woken up this morning by puppies giving me wet willies. Sigh.

I still don't feel so hot, so I'm gonna take a pass on our reading group/wine and cheese party tonight. I'm gonna hit the Zantac and ginger ale instead.
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Had my MA Latin exam today.  I wasn't going to turn it in, but I decided to anyway at the last minute.  I don't think I did too badly, so we'll see.  If I didn't pass, I have a year before I have to take it again (Have to make on exam attempt per year until you pass at your level) and I'm allowed to not turn in once.  It could be up to a month until I get it back, depending on who's grading and if the graders agree on my exam, or if they have to pull in a tie-breaker grader.  I had to do two out of four passages, choosing Augustine and Horace over Caesar and Vergil.  Methinks I may have passed.  I don't wanna jinx it, though.

Still all congested with the allergies and the glaven, but I have rediscovered the beauty that is VapoRub.  It's now on my list of miracle products, along with duct tape and chapstick.

In other news, I have now officially left [profile] stupidpetownersfor good.  I'm sick and friggin' tired of people judging me for buying my dog from a pet store.  My puppy came to me healthy and well cared for.  It's possible he came from a puppy mill, but I doubt it.  Even if he were, does that mean he doesn't deserve to be loved and given a home?  Get proper vet care and a good healthy diet?  There are plenty of people who adopt from shelters and then feed crap food and don't take their animals to the vet.  He may be "ill-gotten", but at least my dog is healthy and happy.   There was a big puppy-mill bust near here last week.  Guess how much the puppies are being adopted out for by the shelter that rescued them?  $375, $25 more than I paid for my dog, and I didn't have to fill out an application or invite a stranger in to my home to judge my fitness to be a puppy parent.  I hate self-righteous pet people.
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The Weather Channel is predicting this year to have the worst alergy season in history. Right now, I believe it. It has only been nice and spring-like and above 50 for a week, and I've been miserable for all of it. I have to sleep somewhat upright or else cough and hack all night. Molds abound. Too early for pollen, but it's only a matter of time. My sinuses are draining like crazy, My chest is congested and my throat is raw from all this coughing and throat clearing and hurts like a motherfucker. I'll be on daily claritin/sudafed/benadryl for the next six months. Sigh. Too bad Claritin is OTC now. I could get a month's worth cheaper if it were still prescription only.

Oh well. I'm still high on new computer love. That ought to keep me somewhat alert and energized for a few more days at least.
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Sick again...er... still...whatever. I feel like ass. Exhausted. Shivering. Stuffed up.

I'm on campus because I have a meeting with my Greek prof. about an upcoming presentation, otherwise I wouldn't be here. I'm seriously considering going hom after the meeting. I'm not sure I can make it til 4 without keeling over.
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Happy St. Paddy's. Hope y'all are out getting shitfaced on green beer and not at home reading this. As for me, I think I am possessed. You see, I have this cold that is OMG THE EBILZ!!! Like, ten times as bad as the last one I had. David and I went through an entire box of Puffs in two days (the BIG box). And my nose is all red and raw (but lotiony soft!), and I've even broken the skin in one place from all the nose blowing. We were too tired to make up our corned beef brisket and cabbage, so we had Lucky Charms instead, and a run to Mickey D's for a Shamrock shake. And we slept. And bought Sudafed. And slept some more. And now I am going to sleep again.
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The nausea/gaseousness returned last night.  Luckily sans the vomiting.  Same thing today as yesterday.  Up late sick, wake up vaguely nauseated, goes away around noon.  Here's hoping it doesn't return tonight.  Tonight is Grey's night and I want to not feel like shit while watching it.  It's my happy night.
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Was up sick last night, throwing up until 2 am.  Still pretty icky feeling... but I'm drinking my usual venti chai latte anyway because it tastes good and I need calories.  Besides which, if my stomach starts heaving, I'd rather there be something in it to come up rather than dry heaving for hours on end.

Well wasn't that cheerful?  I'm not very cheerful today anyway.  Am I ever?

I did have scritchin's and cuddles time with the doodlemonster this morning.  It helped a little.  A very little.

My mom called last night.  Just to yell at me for not calling her.  Whatever.  

What do we even have to talk about?  I'm still studying things my parents don't understand and can't appreciate, my husband is still unemployed, and I still resent them.  We knew that already.  Do I really have to rehash it?


Apr. 3rd, 2006 08:46 pm
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Sinus headache from hell. Seriously. I hate allergies. I hate sinuses. I hate honors theses. I love chocolate... I wish I loved coffee... then I could stay awake and concentrate through this allergy/sinus headache to write the hated thesis. I have about ten to fifteen pages to go on it--oh, and the research. Up until now, everything I have written has been an explanation of my own work and an analysis of the original play. Now I'm actually having to read (parts of) the pile of books in my bedroom. Bummer.
And teh grad school admissions nightmare continues. I'm making a final decision on Friday, and I'm pretty sure that decision is going to be for Minnesota- full funding, no tuition to pay, $10 a month insurance... or I could go to UCSB with nothing. Hmmm... tough decision.


Mar. 21st, 2006 09:20 am
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Just out of nowhere last night, I came down sick. I don't know with what. I thought it was just allergies, but I feel even worse this morning, despite three inches of snow on the ground. There is nothing living in the air outside, so that can't be it. I must have caught something, but David isn't sick, which argues against that. I don't know. But whatever it is, my sinuses are draining like crazy, my throat burns at anything acidic and I have that gross, actinic taste in the back of my throat that you get when your sinuses drain onto said sore throat. And I'm friggin' tired. But I do have somewhat of an answer from UT Austin:

Dear Angela,

Sorry I missed your call this morning, and your phone this afternoon.
The reason you haven't heard from us yet is pretty simple, and not
entirely either good or bad. The Graduate Admissions Committee was
impressed with your application, but we're not yet able to give you a
definite decision. On the positive side, that means you're among the
few applicants the Committee is still considering for admission next
year. On the other hand, you were not among the very few to whom we
have offered admission. In effect, you're on our waiting list for
admission with aid.

This year has been unusually difficult for us: both a large number of
strong applications and an unusually small number of openings in our
program. I expect to know more in the next couple of weeks. But I'm
afraid I can't tell you anything more now about the likelihood of
your admission here. If you have other questions about our program,
please feel free to ask.

Best wishes,
Steve White, Chair of Graduate Admissions

Now I'm just waiting for some kind of resonse to the messages I left for Sarah Johnston at OSU, who was out of town yesterday, and for Ernestine Williams at Penn (whom I'm beginning to think I don't like).
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My intial excitement at being accepted to Santa Barbara has ebbed since receiving the official letter today addressed to MS. Angela ANCELOT. MS.????? ANCELOT????? I'm married, thank-you-very-much, and my name is ANCELET. I understand that my marreid name evokes the Arthurian spirit in people, but can they please resist the impulse?
It's really rather deserved, though, seeing as though David's family changed their surname from Ancelot to Ancelet in the eihgteenth century. Now we are doomed to be forever misspelled. And misprononuced, which is why we Americanized the pronunciation. However, I almost think I may use the French pronunciation professionally, for the same reason I run my A and E together when I spell AEneas- because I like to be pretentious that way. That said, I am really tired of this flu/cold/whatever-it-is that comes and goes and changes its symptoms daily. On that note, I am going to bed. I have a long day of Berman, Naziism, thesisizing and Latin ahead of me, which, now that I think about it, is more homogenous a day than one might initially think.
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So I've been sick since the morning of Christams eve... it began with a sore throat and fatigue, then added chest congestion and sinus drainage... until now I'm just a big sinus-y mess, which I take to be the result of a sinus infection. I don't know what else it could be because it feels like a sinus infection (and I've had plently of those) and I'm apparently not contagious, because my hubby is as healthy as ever. THe only problem is, student health wasn't open yesterday or today, so I can't start to get better until I can get some antibiotics tomorrow. I think its pretty dams irresponsible for them to close the two days after Christmas, considering that the holiday fell on the weekend anyway. So i
ve been sick for four days now with no alternative source of health care- because I have no insurance and thus no means to seek medical attention at someplace that charges real money. I hate sinus infections. Though i can't reaqlly afford it, I think I'll request zithromycin for my antibiotic... it seems to work much faster... but costs three times as much as amoxicilin. Oh well, I have credit, right?


Dec. 18th, 2005 10:32 pm
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So David finally did wake up yesterday. We then baked my sister a birthday cake and had wild kitchen sex while it baked. (I know. That is so wrong.) We then took my sister the cake, visited DAvid's little brother (also his birthday) and then we went drinking with my dad. (Also a bit weird and wrong, but he was buying.) We then returned to my parents' where my sister had returned with her four friends... who took her to the porn shop and bought her a foot-long, black, vibrating dildo as big around as my wrist. (Suddenly I feel less weird about my kitchen sex.)
And now David and I are both sick with the exact same symptoms. So much for more sex.

/me wheezes

Dec. 7th, 2005 11:22 am
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You know, I skipped class on monday with the expectation that temperatures would continue to rise throughout the week. The weather man lied. It was -8 when I walked from history discussion up the hill to latin this morning at 9:30. And guess what I got for my trouble? An asthma attack. The people waiting outside my Latin class thought I was going to die right then and there. But I'm stil alive. Still a little light-headed and weak-feeling, but alive. Damn. I guess that means I still have to go to work tonight. Oh well. Classes are winding up and soon I can relax (a little).
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No friggin' way was I going to class today, last week of classes or not. At 8 AM it was -5 with a wind chill of -20. Now, according to weather.com, it is 6 degrees with no windchill with a 40% chance of snow. Perhaps I will go to Latin Comp at 12:30, anyway. But probably not, because I have a big headache and a cold and I ache everywhere. I think instead that I will get some reading done and relax until I have to go to work at 3.


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