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After the haircut, my day has only gotten better. We went home, and shared a shower, after which I sexed the hubby into a stupor, in which state he will agree to anything. In this case, I get to buy new shoes! Yay! Then we went to Target and I got new bras (with front closures- hubby is a happy man) and then on to Rainbow for a heap of nummy groceries. I love pay day. And now we's watching the original Transformers movie. They're more than meets the eye, you know.
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1. Sex is good. Okay, maybe that isn't news.
2. Spilling rootbeer when your CD-Rom drive is open is best avoided. You waste good gourmet rootbeer that way. (no damage to lappy. whew!)
3. Eye dialation sucks, especially when you almost faint. But thorough (free!) eye exams and a doctor that tells you to come back in three years are good. Affordable good-quality frames are also good.
4. Plato is evil. Maybe you knew that.
5. Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yarrrrrr!


T-minus two days, six hours and twenty five minutes til the season premeire of Grey's Anatomy!


Dec. 18th, 2005 10:32 pm
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So David finally did wake up yesterday. We then baked my sister a birthday cake and had wild kitchen sex while it baked. (I know. That is so wrong.) We then took my sister the cake, visited DAvid's little brother (also his birthday) and then we went drinking with my dad. (Also a bit weird and wrong, but he was buying.) We then returned to my parents' where my sister had returned with her four friends... who took her to the porn shop and bought her a foot-long, black, vibrating dildo as big around as my wrist. (Suddenly I feel less weird about my kitchen sex.)
And now David and I are both sick with the exact same symptoms. So much for more sex.


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