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Anyone in the Twin Cities, avoid the PetSmart Grooming Salon at the Quarry like the plague.

So I took my dogs in to the groomer today at 1pm.

Insert epic groomer fail here )

TL;DR: Groomer takes almost twice as long as usual, has a poor attitude about it, cuts my dog, lies about the severity of the wound, and charges me anyway.
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So we came across our film camera last week (we've been doing digital only since we got one for Christmas) and decided to finish off the roll to see what was on it. Lo and behold, it was a roll full of puppy pics! )
And then, poor Max suffered the indignity of having his sexy 'do shaved off!

Before: )

After: )
Poor bald puppy!
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Feeling somewhat less pissed off now than I did this morning.  I suppose that's good.  Though sometimes I think I enjoy being pissy far too much.  Maybe I'm just prementrual... I'v e been running on a 6 week cycle, so I'm due right about now, methinks.  Better wash some underwear and quit going commando.

Hubby and I are at the office on teh interwebs because the stolen wireless in our apartment has been not working lately.  Meanwhile the doodlemonster is running laps, hiding in the cubicles, and begging my two fellow TAs for attention.  He's already been spoiled by us, the landlord, a few random strangers, and 3 pet store employees today.  He has such a hard life.

Yawn.  I'm bored and hungry and wanting to watch Law & Order in half an hour.  I have Callimachus to do, but I don't wanna. Perhaps I should nudge the hubby.
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I was going to post... and then I forgot what I wanted to post about.

I filed my taxes today. Um... yay?

And my puppy is all pitiful and sorry for himself because I yelled and smacked him with a half-chewed flipflop (my last intact pair left from his puppyhood) and refused to pet him for an hour. Now he wants to cuddle and get love.

That's all I can think of right now. I suck at LJ.
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Thought y'all might like a re-introduction to Max, a,k.a. the doodle monster, Maxidoodles, and Doodlius Maximus :

Here, under the cut )

Max enjoys cuddles, rawhide, rope tugging, freeze-dried liver (preferably caught in mid-air), squeaky plush elephants and long walks in the snow. He has a thing for brunettes, and one day he hopes to seduce one of the two lovely lab ladies down the hall (Gypsy and Bella). That is, if Mommy doesn't get his balls removed (which I plan on).
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I don't know whether to sell my puppy for laptop money or make a rug out of him.

Here's the scenario.  We are parked down the block from our apartment.  Max, the hubby, and I are walking out to the car.  I am holding the leash and am burdened by a very heavy (40lb, I estimate) backpack.  Hubby starts to cross the street, unnoticed by me.  I am walking down the block, intending to cross further down, closer to the car.  The puppy (leash in right hand, curb on my left) runs after the hubby, cutting behind me.  Desperately trying to lock the leash, I am spun around, thrown off balance by the pull of the (30 lb) puppy and the weight of my back pack, trip over the curb, and land flat on my back in the street.  Ow.  After a few moments, I am able to move, and I hobble to the car.

But the fun doesn't end there.  

When I get to campus, I discover that my laptop LCD is shattered internally.  My Inspiron 600m is now a $900 paperweight.  Great.  But I think, well, I'm in luck.  A month ago, my laptop developed a small problem with the LCD and Dell promised to replace it.  I was waiting until winter break to send it in when it would be more convenient for me to be without my computer.  Oh well, I'll just have to do it earlier than I thought.  No problem, right?


Dell is refusing to replace it because my warranty doesn't cover accidental damage.  I very patiently explained that they had already agreed to replace it before and I didn't understand why more damage to a part they had already agreed to replace was a problem.  To no avail. I requested an escalation to management.  All I got was endless repetition by the supervisor (I'll call him Punjab) that accidental damage was not covered under my warranty and that it was my responsibility to take care of my equipment.  I asked for a second escalation (not too politely I'm afraid, but I was pissed) and am awaiting a call back from upper management... scheduled for 20 minutes ago


Okay, just got off the phone with the third level person (I'll call this one Apu).  Apu says they'll try to make the repair depot understand that there was already a replacement pending on the part before the accident and try to get them to replace it free of charge.   But apparently, it is up to the depot whether or not to charge me for it (wtf?) and that someone from the depot will call me before replacing it if they intend to charge me.

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xMy puppy is a happier puppy now.  Sort of.  On the minus side, he has an inflamed butt (yeast problem) and got a nice exam to go with that today.  (Ew. Poor dog.)  On the plus side we found a very nice holistic vet who plied him heavily with organic puppy cookies throughout his exam and distemper shot.  We really like this vet.  She gives small doses of vaccines and does vaccine panels before giving boosters, so the dog doesn't get over-vaccinated.  She is also very supportive of owners who choose not to vaccinate.  (We considered this option, but we want to be able to take Maxidoodles to the dog park where he can run and have fun with other puppies).  She also recommended acidophilus in his food (for the yeast problem) and a couple of good all-natural dog foods.  We're also considering raw feeding, but we want to wait until he's feeling a little healthier.  We're putting off his rabies shot 'til he's five months, as per her recommendation.  So, all in all we're a very happy puppy and puppy parents now.  Yay for puppies!
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Good news: I have finished my costume. I decided against going as a pirate, for a few reasons:

1. I don't have time to sew my own costume
2. Buying a pirate costume is expensive and I'd probably never use it again
3. I expect pirate costumes to be numerous this year and I like to stick out.

So... I am going as Trinity. I figure it'll be pretty sweet 'cause it's been a bit since the last movie came out, so not many people will be Matrix characters AND I think I look really hot in black leather.

I already had skinny black pants, a black t-shirt, and a thigh-length black leather coat. Tonight I went out and bought gloves, sun glasses, and knee-high sexy leather boots. All I need is a decent-looking plastic pistol to carry. (Normally I disapprove of guns as toys, but I am an adult. It's different than when kids have them.)
The suck...

Max was scheduled for his distemper and rabies shots today. Okay, cool. Vaccinations good. Rabies bad. But when we took him into the vet, the idiot was going to give him an ENTIRE FRIGGIN' VIAL of vacine. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
So we asked her, umm... don't you measure that to his weight? And her reply was to treat us like idiots. Apparently, according to her, it doesn't matter whether you have a Yorkie or a Newfoundland, they give them the same amount of vaccine. o_O. To which we promptly told her that we would be taking our dog elsewhere to a vet who would do it right. That's when she got downright bitchy with the "You can do what you want but I'm telling you that you aren't going to find a vet who will do it that way. I've never even heard of doing it that way. Nobody does that because there's no need to."
We are looking for a new vet monday morning. If I have to, I'll take Max back to Iowa where people know what they are doing. I am still pissed. I mean, what the hell? Would you take your infant child in to the doctor and expect him to get the same amount of tetanus vaccine they would give a 200 pound adult? Fuck no. That's just common sense. Which is apparently in short supply around here. Don't get me started on Minnesota drivers.

EDIT: Tried posting this in bad_service, along with an explanation of why too much vaccine=bad, explaining the impeccable credentials of my source(retired professor of infections disease at Stanford and award-winning medical researcher, for those who I've nerver told about her. And that's really all I am at liberty to say. She likes to keep a low profile). Within half an hour, I was accused of being misinformed (With references! Because, you know, everything you read on the internet is true and up-to-date medical knowledge, and Stanford medical professors know nothing.), basing all my knowledge on "something a smart lady I know told me" , being a bad pet owner, a supporter of puppy mills, a whiney child, a bad speller/grammarian (excuse me for having an ancient keyboard with sticking keys-- and btw, my grammar is superb. I'm a fucking classics graduate student. Grammar is my job.) blah blah blah.

If anybody from that forum has followed me here to be an asshole: Congratulations. You are a very determined and dedicated asshole! Yes you are! Sit for the cyanide-flavored puppy biscuit! There you go! Good asshole! No love, me.
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My car got broken into yesterday. Or some time in the previous night. At any rate, we awoke to find our car window shattered. Which precipitated an intense cleaning-out of the back seat, several small cuts on my hands, and the immediate purchase of plastic, duct tape, and a dust-buster. We are getting the window replaced tomorrow, because none of the so-called same-day service auto glass places had the part and/or had an available installation person yesterday. Apparently the quarter-window is a bad piece of glass to need on a weekend when all the warehouses are closed.

We did, however find a puppy treat Max likes-- the ones they sell in bulk at Pet Ranch, where we got him. He is not, however, impressed with his Puppy Kong. Even when I stuffed it with peanut butter. So he continues to receive rawhide under careful supervision. I know rawhide can be problematic, but it keeps him busy out from underfoot and out of my socks/underwear/fuzzy slippers/random laundry. We are also transitioning him to a large breed puppy food. Again, the one they use at the pet store- Royal Canin. This will do until we get a recommendation from the vet next Saturday when we take him in for his DHPPV and Rabies vacs. He also, apparently enjoys cabbage and green beans. Bad hunny for letting him get people food! Meat is okay occasionally. Unfortunately, he has learned that begging is effective. On the plus side, he has learned "sit." But he'll only do it if you have a treat in your hand (or pretend to).

Greek exam coming up on tuesday. Pray for me. And the eternal damnation of Plato.
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I have a question about my golden/poodle mix than I'm hoping someone can shed some light on.

I think my dog has been eating his own poo. He isn't totally housetrained yet, so he has occasional accidents, especially at night. Several times we have awoken to a very strong smell of doggy mess in the house, but couldn't find it. Careful searching revealed a damp smelly spot on our floor with only little smears of puppy poo. We can only assume that he ate it. So my question is, why?

His poo is also abnormally foul smelling, IMO. I think part of this is related to his diet. We've been feeding him what the store was giving him (they give all the pups a small breed puppy formula) and we plan to switch that when what we have of it is almost gone(gradually of course). I've read that larger breeds have shorter digestive tracts in proportion to their size, so the wrong food may be the problem. But why the eating it? I've never seen a dog do that before.
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My puppy is soooooooo smart. I bub my cute wittle pupper, yes I do! /disgusting puppy voice.

Life is good(er). I have a smart puppy who now tries to tell us when he needs to go, an A on my last Greek quiz, and a Lilo and Stich cookie jar (and a large ziploc-ware) full of Sara Anne's Top Secret (ought to be) Patented Family Recipe ginger cookies. /me wipes drool and cookie crumbs off chin. Don't ask me for the recipe. I mean, I could tell ya, but I'd have to kill ya. Then eat all your cookies.
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I love my pupper.  My pupper loves me.  All is right with the world.  Except my puppy takes exception to the blow dryer.  So I am staying up until he is dry.  Don't want to traumatize the puppy.  I normally wouldn't have bathed him this late, but it is rainy here and he had to go out, and he got dirty of course, so I had to.  But I don't mind so much.  He sure did, though.
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Combine puppy carsickness with the worming medication.  Bad.  Luckily, we were prepared and we keep him on a towel at all times while in the car.  Seriously.  Can't they make a medication that actually kills the worms instead of just violently ejecting them from both ends of my puppy?  On the plus side, the meds are definitely working.  D-d-definitely, definitely working.  Definitely.

Puppy has to go back in a few weeks to make sure the wormies are gone and to get his last rabies shot.  We got him some heartworm and flea preventative and he will eventually be neutered.  I just talked to the hubby and the puppy has fallen asleep in his crate (Yay!  Good Max!  Good boy!  Good crate!).  I am also told that he is beginning to expect potty praise.  My puppy is so smart and trainable.  And for his off moments, there are paper towels, Nature's Miracle, and Swiffer WetJet. 

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At Spyhouse supposedly looking up Greek vocab.  I've decided I have a cute, albeit weird, dog and that I am becoming obsessed with him.  Whoever said you can't buy love never though about puppies.  True love is when an animal pukes on you and you don't care.  True love is being willing to pick up his poo and save it for the vet.  True love is unconditional cuddles.  Of course, I love my hubby too, but for very different reasons.  So don't get jealous, babe.
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Max is lying in his crate.  I am shocked.  Truly shocked.  I guess he just needed time.  I took up the rug I was putting his food on and stuck the food in his crate instead.  I figured that would force him to go in there and get used to it.  And it worked!  He's been going in and out of the crate for a minute or two at a time for about half an hour now.  Good dog!

But he's a Jeckel/Hyde dog.  As soon as you praise him for going outside/lying in his crate, etc, he immediately starts nipping/chewing things/barking.  I am hopeful that he will grow out of it.  All I can do is praise him verbally, because he doesn't seem to like the treats I got him.  He does, however, seem to....

Now I catch him chwing the bathroom rug, which he has drug into the kitchen.

Anyway, he seems to like whole grain cheddar goldfish, which I suppose won't hurt him.

It's been a good day, despite the heavy loss the Iowea Football team just took.  Because I got veal spaetzle.  And it was good. Tomorrow I get to collect a puppy poop sample for the vet.

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Max (aka cutest most precious perfect puppy ever) is doing just fine.  We journeyed to Petsmart today for a crate (uber-pricey, I might add).  So far, Max will have none of it, even thought I threw all of his toys and his blanket in there.  I've decided I have a weird dog.  He doesn't like Snausages!  I've never heard of suck a thing.  I would almost eat them myself, they smell so good.  Not Max.  I offer him one, he sniffs it, then proceeds to attempt to inhale grass/dead leaves/wood chips. He's going to the vet on Monday for his free check-up, and David is going to ask about the carsickness.

Aaaaaand, he just had an accident. Again.  After we just went for a long walk 20 minutes ago.  Oh well.  He's just a baby and I am well-armed with Nature's Miracle and paper towels.  He is a good boy in the bed, though.  He threw up a little last night, but he got off the bed to do it.  And he woke me up to clean it up and take him outside to potty.
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Puppy update:

Loves to cuddle, not overly hyper.  Enjoys chewing flip flops (Bad puppy!  Though, now that I think of it, two flipflops for $2.50 a pair is cheaper than two good chew toys).  Will try to eat anything that comes in his path- grass, weeds, dead leaves, cigarette butts (bad dog!) etc.
We are currenly working on leash and potty training.  He's a bit clingy- he has to be with you all the time.  When you try to walk him he tries to cuddle your leg as you're walking along.  Then you trip over him.  So far, only one potty mishap. For now, we're taking him out for a walk every 2-3 hours or so and he isn't allowed any food or water after 8 PM or so, until we can get him trained to let us know when he wants out.
We considered crate training, and we still are, but that's problematic, because he will soon outgrow a crate appropriate to his current size, and we don't want to get him one big enough for his adult size because I've read that he will be more likely to potty in his crate and then just lay down in the opposite corner.  We let him sleep in the bed last night, which is probably a bad start, but he was a very good boy and caused no problems (except waking David up at 3 AM by licking his ears.) 
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I got a puppy!!!! He is adorableness!!  Haven't decided on a name yet, but I'll let you know.
Right now he is in the bedroom, unsure of whether to play with David or his rawhide bone (which he is chewing under careful supervision, of course).


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