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I have too many projects going, you say? Fie upon thee! One cannot have too many WIPs. (Besides, I just frogged the knit shawl and socks that I lost interest in after a few rows. :))

So I was looking around the interwebs late last night and I just happened to discover a LYS in my area that I can actually get to by bus in under half an hour! *cue me doing the happy Snoopy dance*

So, with my Happy Hooker in hand (to make sure I didn't buy anything without a project in mind!) I betook myself over to Depth of Field Yarn. I spent about an hour while the hubby got bored after two minutes and headed across the street to the Weinery for lunch. After much ooing and ahing and fondling of pretty pretty yarn, I finally decided on five hanks of Tahki Classic Mercerised Cotton in rose (on sale for $3.85!!!) to make the Sweet Pea Shawl, which the very helpful, if gruff, employee showed me how to wind up on the ball-winder (I'm like a little kid-- the ball winder is so much fun!).

All in all I am rather pleased with my first LYS experience. I had read on Ravelry others' poor experiences at local stores, but this store seemed free of those problems, the only issue I see being that there is no handicapped access to the sale loft. The aisles were wide enough, no one followed me around, no gaggles of yarn snobs were in sight, and everything was individually priced, well organized, and free of icky smells.

The only sad part is that, being wool-sensitive, I couldn't use half of the pretty pretty stuff there. :(

And now I am sitting across the street from my apartment typing this up and working on my shawl. The pattern is a pain in my ass (nearly a thousand double treble crochets? Seriously?) but it will look very nice when done and the color will look very nice on me. So far I have 24 shells completed... only 168 more to go. :/

And so this isn't all text, pictures! )


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