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First watch this:

So here's what I wrote to the White House. I expect HS to be at my door within the week.

Subj: I’m flagging myself

I’m a dangerous thought criminal. And, according to your Homeland Security director, a potential right wing terrorist.

Because I believe that life is scared.

Because I believe that illegal immigration is just that, and that our borders should be protected and our laws enforced.

Because I believe that federal authority should be limited to the powers specifically given to it in our constitution.

Because I believe that forcing rationed healthcare onto the American people is not within those specifically enumerated powers.

And because I believe the very EXISTENCE of flag@whitehouse.gov is a violation of federal law, an attempt to discourage constitutionally protected free speech, a violation of the federal government’s sacred trust, and a violation of the God-given right of every man and woman to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I choose to exercise my freedom, protect my life, and pursue happiness by loudly, vehemently, and proudly opposing this administration’s attempts to curtail my freedom.

And neither you nor anyone else is going to stop me.



PS: Greetings to you lovely people in the National Archives.

Couldn’t resist the shout-out to the lovely librarians. :)

I take a small amount of comfort in the fact that years from now, my message and those of others will be there (the Nat’l Archives) as a record of the outrage of the American people and our fight against this insanity. We’re on record, by federal law we have to be. No one can ever rewrite history to say that this was a universally popular bill.
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