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Okay, so I've been losing a little weight lately. Last time I was weighed (a year ago) I think I was about 125 and a size 6. Last week I bought size 2 and 0 skirts at the Salvation Army. Today I bought size 2 capris at Target--and usually Target clothes run small. I'm thinking I must be down below 110 now. The other day I was wearing size 6 jeans and, without thinking, pulled them off without unbuttoning. Yeah.

Putting aside any "Fuck you, you skinny bitch" thoughts you may have in your head right now (LOL), do you think that's getting unhealthily thin? I'm on the fence about this. I haven't been this thin since elementary school (srsly, I wore a size 5 in 6th grade), but then again, I still have B cup boobs and don't have terribly visible ribs. It's just kind of weirding me out, as I haven't been trying to lose weight (why would I?) and while I have been eating less than I used to (hello, being poor), most of what I do eat is pretty damn fatty. Lots of cheese, ham sandwiches, ice cream, frozen pizza, etc. The weight lost seems to be coming all from my waist.


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Date: 2009-06-20 06:56 am (UTC)
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Ah, I remember this problem well. I was naturally thin (about 120 until I was 24) and I ate garbage. I'm heavier now (not fat, though I think that's because I'm just lucky) because I still eat garbage. I worried about it a lot because I could see my hipbones and ribs etc but I didn't have any kind of disorder and I was active and healthy, so my doctor just told me to accept that I was blessed with "skinny genes" (no pun intended) and to enjoy it while it lasted.

For you, it sounds like you are really stressing and that obviously can cause weight-loss even if your appetite and diet haven't changed much. What is a healthy weight for you is entirely dependent on YOU though: your BMI, your height/weight ratio, etc. I would be alarmed personally if I could pull my jeans off without unbuttoning them, but you say that you don't LOOK thin or unhealthy and you don't indicate that you feel unwell, but the fact that you do have a concern is enough, I think, that you might just get checked to ensure that there isn't a medical issue there.

There is also the issue of "vanity sizing." I don't know if you weighed yourself to get your weight or if you're basing this off of the sizes in the store. Anymore, a lot of companies use "vanity sizing" to get ladies to think they're dressing in smaller sizes than they actually are and that can mislead into thinking they've lost weight, etc. Its very sad, really. We should just go by measurements like they do in Europe.


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