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Day 2 of my 5-nights-of-work-in-a-row stretch was exhausting. I ended up missing lecture this morning becasue David has food poisoning- he had to reschedule his GRE he was supposed to take this morning. He fell asleep, so I went to Greek. Then work. Then meeting with Ketterer. Then work again. Now I'm at home again with reading and vocab to do for tomorrow. And MY GRE scores aren't here. THe website says it takes 10-15 days. THe test center said three weeks. I'm on the fifteenth day right now and freakin' out- because if I don't have them, my schools don't have them either- and they are due to UPenn in eight days!!!!!! ARGH!!!! That could be money down the drain if they don't get there in time, and I'm getting annoyed. In other news, hamster still dead and now buried under a pile of garbage in the dumpster outside. I'll be glad when it gets emptied next week and I ca nquit feelin ghis furry little presence freezing in sub-zero temperatures out there. (Granted, he's already dead, but it makes me feel bad witb his little furry corpse out there frozen and unburied).
I'm going to eat chocolate now and read the last 20 pages of my 500-page wall-to-wall slavery readathon.
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