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Gunning Trick!!  (Reposted from [profile] amethystarlight 's LJ for a non-LJ user to view--hope she doesn't mind!)

Use as many (or as few arrows) to get all the pieces going clockwise before loading a cannon. This is the reasont that elite gunners are always shouting "one arrow, no arrow." These exclamations mean the number of permanent arrows to maintain the clockwise flow of pieces.

Always make sure that you have at least one arrow availible to use as "loading arrow."

If in the event that your barrel moves in battle (always on swirlies and turning moves), utilize what clockwise work you are left with.

And finally, when you are ready to tackle loading two cannons at once, only go for one arrows or no arrows. Personally, I stick with one arrows and no arrows exclusively... lest battle comes before I can find either.

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Broad Gunnery! Woot!

I am having the best day ever. I had chocolate luch with Sara, broadened my gunnery, and bought pink piratey garb to celebrate. Woot!
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whew. My sister is going home this afternoon. Then I can explore newly contemplated uses for my exercise ball. *wink wink*
I recenlty took out my new sloop, aided by Yoanne. I pretty much sucked at it. But, with a few hours work I can get my gunnery up to broad, and then I'll be able to practice with the navy, without risk to my ship. Yay!
But now it is time to go to work... second to last day at the cookie store.
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Made a womderful little foray over to the Midnight ocean today. Much fun with my bestest bud. (I'll get my new longsword from ye later. *thanks*). That's after I slept until 10. Aahh... nothing like doing nothing at all but lying naked in bed pillaging on YPP. Days off are bliss. /me sighs appreciation. The only evil mark on my day was pulling keys off my laptop to remove sesame seeds jammed under the keys. Everything bagels are henceforth verboten in the vicinity of my laptop.

I'm going back to B-town tonight for David's concert, so no more pillaging for me. :(
Maybe I'll print superfluous things on my new printer.
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I can pillage again!! Praise be to DHL!
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Worst day of my life. Ever. I won't go into details, except to say that I had a meltdown and I should have been back on ZOloft six months ago. That was before 8 hours of working my ass off. That was before I found my last deqad hamster this evening. That was before I discovered that the AC adaptor for my laptop had died.

I now have no money, no hamster, no laptop, and very little remaining sanity.

I argued a new adaptor out of Dell. They wanted me to send in my whole computer to make sure there was nothing wrong with the AC port. After haldf an hour of explaining the problem in minute detail, I got them to do it my way. But it'll be 2-3 business days until I get a new one. I'm not sure whether or not that includes shipping time.

Do you realize I can't pillage for at least 5 days????? In lieu of Zolost, pillaging was my self-medication. That's it. Now I'm going to be a raving psychopath.


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