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I gave notice at work today. I hate that place. It's getting to the point where I go to work, pick up a knife to cut vegetables, and suddenly begin pondering the size of my veins. Definitely time to get out of there. At any rate, quitting one's job is very liberating. Everybody should try it sometime. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but at least I gave notice instead of walking out, which I was tempted to do. BTW, HyVee is an evil empire that only masquerades as friendly family-oriented grocery store. Fuckers. I no longer even wish to shop there- I'd rather give my money to WalMart. In other news, I'm seriously contemplating going back on my anti-depressant meds. I'm getting tired of being pissed off and weepy all the time.
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This has been the weekend from hell... You see, we are so short-handed at work right now tha if somebody calls in sick, we are totally fucked. Well, this weeked, we were fucked. I was the only person to work in my department the past two days, and we only had one person to close produce that past two nights (and he is having to close my department tonight,too, as well as last night). I worked 11.5 hours yesterday and 9 today. I mean, I got overtime, which I guess is a good thing, but i am soooooo friggin' tired. I won't be reaping the benefits of this overtime for another two weeks, but when I do, I'll bring in 324.37 (before taxes) just for this week. So that's cool. Other good things: I am not going to miss Housewives tonight, I get to spend the evening with my hubby, and I can now study for my Greek midterm tomorrow (all of this if I stay awake long enough to do it).
In other news:
I applied for a new job
I didn't get funded at UCSB (I'm third on the waiting list, but I can't very well agree to go there without knowing for sure if I can pay for it, which they won't be able to tell me until everybody accepts or denies admission, which few will probably do before the deadline. *sigh* And if i do get funding it will probably be only partial. *sigh* And David is really set on me going there *big sigh*).
My feet are killing me and I'm going to try to take a nap now.
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What a friggin' day. I went into work today expecting to work four to six hours. After all, I was just coming in to help out with superbowl party foods, I wasn't even scheduled. Yeah, no. My co-worker, Cluresa, aka Old Lady, aka Bucket Nazi(long story), aka Pain in My Ass decided to call in sick this morning. THIS MORNIING. SUPERBOWL SUNDAY. We were friggin' swamped. I had to do the work of two people and it sucked! Granted, I did all HER work as half-assedly as possible. I'm not about to do anything ever again to make her life easier. Why? Becasue she lives to make my life more difficult. She's only ever sick when its inconvenient for others, and I always have to cover. So I left half an hour early after deciding, fuck it, I just don't care.

I was home for about an hour when my darling hubby called to tell me he was coming home... so he could go to the emergency room. He'd had swelling in his leg for a few days, and now a fierce head ache. The ultrasound confirmed what we had guessed, that he has a blood clot in his right calf. He'll be taking nightly injections of a blood thinner for three days, and then he'll go on an oral blood thinner for three to six months. The shots are supposedly pricey, as I'm sure we'll find out tomorrow when we fill the prescription, but luckily, the oral blood thinners are only a dollar a dose after the insurance picks up their 80%. Whew.

Now I feel just blah. maybe I'm just tired and stressed, but it's hard to tell, considering that everybody at work is sick right now. And my early onset arthritis/atrophying thymus gland is bothering me again. My knees and ankles are throbbing on and off this past week. Sigh. Perhaps tomorrow I will stay home with my bubby hubby until I have to go to work at one. I can't call in sick because everybody will assume I'm somehow doing it to spite Hag Bag. I swear, every time I call in sick, somebody accuses me of faking illness. I just can't win.
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What a horrible day. I went to work this morning, and all was going well. I was tired, but expecting yo go home and nakedly tackle my husband when I got off. Then I gave myself second degree burns. Yeah- they hurt. Boiling water from the steam table splashed all over my forearms when I was taking out a pan. Luckily, the threat of blisters was headed off by frequent icings between knife chops and I emerged with only one small, gross, little blister. Still, I can't wear long sleeves yet or allow my forearms to touch anything without some degree of discomfort... and I dread the idea of a hot shower/bath. Sponge bathing it is, at least for a few days. At least my laptop is now on its way. It shipped yesterday (yay!). The ONLY good thing that happened yesterday. I mistook the bus schedule and arrived halfway through Greek. As a result I was grilled and picked at following my translation more than anyone else. I'm going to hate this semester Surprisingly, the only class I'm liking right now is Nani's. Apparently he's much less of an asshole in small majors classes than when he teaches Mythology.
Anyway, tomorrow I'm going home to get my birthday presents as soon as David gets off work, so right now I should probably be doing my homework (including the thesis segment I owed to Ketterer this past Tuesday), and not journaling and reading Tolkein. But I'm at home, alone, and hungry, so I will probably end up braving the layers of ice in our parking lot and going to HyVee for Ben & Jerry's instead, and the homework will fall to the wayside.
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So I'm on break at work, and this evening is weird. I'm working a four hour in produce. I always feel like I have my head up my ass when I work produce, because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. And on top of that, I arrive at work to find that I have a 2 inch rip in the seat of my pants. /me wants to go home now.
Ahhhh... all application materials (except one letter I'm getting tomorrow) are taken care of... thanks to a well-timed $300 credit increase that paid for $260 in application fees and $51 in GRE score reports. (and now I'm pretty well maxed out) /me rejoices in accomplishing something
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Day 2 of my 5-nights-of-work-in-a-row stretch was exhausting. I ended up missing lecture this morning becasue David has food poisoning- he had to reschedule his GRE he was supposed to take this morning. He fell asleep, so I went to Greek. Then work. Then meeting with Ketterer. Then work again. Now I'm at home again with reading and vocab to do for tomorrow. And MY GRE scores aren't here. THe website says it takes 10-15 days. THe test center said three weeks. I'm on the fifteenth day right now and freakin' out- because if I don't have them, my schools don't have them either- and they are due to UPenn in eight days!!!!!! ARGH!!!! That could be money down the drain if they don't get there in time, and I'm getting annoyed. In other news, hamster still dead and now buried under a pile of garbage in the dumpster outside. I'll be glad when it gets emptied next week and I ca nquit feelin ghis furry little presence freezing in sub-zero temperatures out there. (Granted, he's already dead, but it makes me feel bad witb his little furry corpse out there frozen and unburied).
I'm going to eat chocolate now and read the last 20 pages of my 500-page wall-to-wall slavery readathon.


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