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Worst day of my life. Ever. I won't go into details, except to say that I had a meltdown and I should have been back on ZOloft six months ago. That was before 8 hours of working my ass off. That was before I found my last deqad hamster this evening. That was before I discovered that the AC adaptor for my laptop had died.

I now have no money, no hamster, no laptop, and very little remaining sanity.

I argued a new adaptor out of Dell. They wanted me to send in my whole computer to make sure there was nothing wrong with the AC port. After haldf an hour of explaining the problem in minute detail, I got them to do it my way. But it'll be 2-3 business days until I get a new one. I'm not sure whether or not that includes shipping time.

Do you realize I can't pillage for at least 5 days????? In lieu of Zolost, pillaging was my self-medication. That's it. Now I'm going to be a raving psychopath.
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I lost another hamster this morning. I've made a decision. No more hamsters. I know they only live a year or two, but I get attached, even though I know I shouldn't. And I can't keep buying the things knowing I'm going to lose them. Luckily Twitchy will last me a few years yet, as Syrian hamsters live longer than dwarfs. But he's my last one. My life is screwed up enough without the probability that something I love is going to die at least once a year. R.I.P. Tweakers.
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My hamster is a super genius. David kept hearing sounds coming from his cage today. But every time he went in to check things out, the hamster didn't seem to be doing anything. Finally, about the fifth time he heard noises, he snuck up on Twitchy... to find him attempting escape! Again! Apparently, the hamster genius knows that escape is a no-no and is smart enough to feign innocence when he hears someone coming. I am not sure I am comfortable living with such an intelligent rodent. It is quite frankly weirding me out.
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My hamster chewed through my hair tie and ascaped into the computer room at 3 AM this morning. Luckily David was awake and in there. Then he came in and woke me up to re-cage him. The cage is now held shut with two circular paperclips. I had a hell of a time getting them on there, so he shouldn't be able to get them off. I am getting him a new cage as soon as I can... but it'll probably be a cheap one. My other hamster's cage closes very tightly, but all I need is for her to figure out the same trick Twitchy did if I switch them.
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My hamster really is Houdini. I found him out and about yesterday morning before either of us were awake. I had to tie his cage shut to prevent any more such escapades. I'm thinking about getting him a new, top-loading cage. Whenever I happen to have extra cash on my hands... which may be never. My knotted hair tie will have to do for now.
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Well, the hubby denies all allegations of hamster neglect. Either he forgot he opened the cage, he is lying, or I have a houdini hamster. I am still a bit shaky after the hamster escapade experience, though not so much so as when my turtle escaped... that was really scary. Anyway, I have a Greek final in an hour and I'm debating as to how to occupy my time until then. I could study, but why? I really don't care that much, and no matter what I do I know I'm probably going to get a B anyway. I cou.d go talk to Ketterer about my thesis, but he probably hasn't gotten around to reading it yet. Hmmm... and when the exam is over I have to go home and write my six page "essay" for the socialist psycho-bitch who teaches German history (when she's not lecturing on Bush's politics.) On the bright side, I am getting $10 out of her for the cost of printing all those notes for people this semester. I hope the department doesn't refund her.
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I walked into my kitchen half an hour ago and found Twitchy's cage hanging wide open. Now, methinks I know who did this. Obviously not the hammy. SOmeone human... Now, since I have no history of sleepwalking and such I know it wan't me. The hubby is in trouble.
I'm afraid Twitchy is traumatized... I had to chase him all around the kitchen to catch him, then he was trying to bite me so I had no choice but to grab him by the scruff of the neck... which I don't think he liked at all. He's my good hammy that doesn't bite, so I really don't want him to be holding any kind of grudge against me... his teeth are big. Now off to go scold the hubby while he's working.
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I have decided to name him Terrence, but I will call him Twitchy (and he will be mine and he will be my Twitchy).
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I got a new hamster! He's adorable.. but skittish. The owner of the pet store had to separate him from his siblings because they were trying to kill him. He still has a bald spot from where they tore of a big hunk of his skin. Poor lil' guy. But he doesn't bite when you pet him and he likes to cuddle. I got a big hammy this time instead of a dwarf, because the only dwarf they had was MEAN. Now I just have to decide what to name him. He is mostly orange on his head and rear, but white in the middle and one of his little ears is torn. I think it gives him that dangerous, scrappy piratey look. David says I should name him Terrence (after Terrence the exploding hamster, a monologue a friend of mine did once about a kid whose hamster kept exploding and nobody believed him:).
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Day 2 of my 5-nights-of-work-in-a-row stretch was exhausting. I ended up missing lecture this morning becasue David has food poisoning- he had to reschedule his GRE he was supposed to take this morning. He fell asleep, so I went to Greek. Then work. Then meeting with Ketterer. Then work again. Now I'm at home again with reading and vocab to do for tomorrow. And MY GRE scores aren't here. THe website says it takes 10-15 days. THe test center said three weeks. I'm on the fifteenth day right now and freakin' out- because if I don't have them, my schools don't have them either- and they are due to UPenn in eight days!!!!!! ARGH!!!! That could be money down the drain if they don't get there in time, and I'm getting annoyed. In other news, hamster still dead and now buried under a pile of garbage in the dumpster outside. I'll be glad when it gets emptied next week and I ca nquit feelin ghis furry little presence freezing in sub-zero temperatures out there. (Granted, he's already dead, but it makes me feel bad witb his little furry corpse out there frozen and unburied).
I'm going to eat chocolate now and read the last 20 pages of my 500-page wall-to-wall slavery readathon.

RIP Squeak

Dec. 5th, 2005 09:41 pm
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My little Hammy is gone. I feel terrible. First I took away his wheel. Then yesterday I took him out to play to make it up to him, but he bit me so I yelped and put him back in his cage. I was home all day today and I didn't notice that he never came out to run on his wheel. He usually does that when I'm on the computer. How could I not notice? Usually it drives me and David crazy when we're trying to work. I came home and found David working in the dark, he said he didn't want to rouse the pets. I turned the light on and found little Squeakers all stiff and cold. I couldn't even bury him because the ground is frozen under a foot of snow. I had to lay him out as best I could and put him in the dumpster- and he landed on his side. I feel terrible.

Sure, he bit a lot, and tried to kill little Pip when he was born(I had to give all my baby Hams away). But he was always eager to be played with. He climbed the bars of his cage trying to show off when David or I were in the room. And he ran his little wheel to pieces. Poor little guy. I suppose he caught cold or something- it wouldn't surprise me with the crazy temperatures and our bad insulation.

I knew he wouldn't live very long- but I expected more than a year. He may be "just a hamster" to anyone else, but he was my baby- my first furry pet in my apartment- oh so much more cuddly and cute than George and Wheezers, my turtles. I miss my little guy. I'm afraid Tweakers is next. She used to be charcoal-colored and now she's gone all silvery and isn't very active. I don't think I'll get another one any time soon. it's just too sad when they die on you. Maybe when I get my new Basset puppy for Christmas he'll help me come to terms.
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I am a horrible mother. I took away Squeakers' hamster wheel on friday because David was working on a project and Squeakers was driving him crazy -- and I forgot to put it back. If this is how I treat my hamsters, what am I going to do when I have children?
/me wants to cry now


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