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Those of you who are confused by my subject line, I just finished watching the season premeire of Grey's Anatomy.  I'm a little pissed off at the moment.  Can you tell?  They fucking ruined my favorite fucking show.  I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but basically the last minute of the show is the part that pissed me off, and then the accompanying preview of next week, becasue I can see where's it;s going.  It's going to a DRAMA DRAMA PREDICTABLE FUCKING SOAP OPERA DRAMA!!!   Can't they come up with a better way to make new storylines than to make EVERYBODY on the damn show hook up with EVERYBODY ELSE???
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Baby's First post... be gentle!


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I'm annoyed. CTV (Canada) accidentally aired GA EPISODE TWO!!!!! last night, instead of the premeire. Damn Canucks get all the luck. I haven't found it online yet, nor am I likely to. ABC I'm sure, is watching the web like a hawk.
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1. Sex is good. Okay, maybe that isn't news.
2. Spilling rootbeer when your CD-Rom drive is open is best avoided. You waste good gourmet rootbeer that way. (no damage to lappy. whew!)
3. Eye dialation sucks, especially when you almost faint. But thorough (free!) eye exams and a doctor that tells you to come back in three years are good. Affordable good-quality frames are also good.
4. Plato is evil. Maybe you knew that.
5. Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yarrrrrr!


T-minus two days, six hours and twenty five minutes til the season premeire of Grey's Anatomy!
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Busy busy busy. Now, anyway. Over the weekend I did abso-fucking-lutely nothing and it was fabulous!!!! I watched 20 episodes of Grey's Anatomy on DVD and played with an adorable puppy at PetLand. That was as active as I got. I vegetated. And it was good.
And today? Today is different. I have Plato for tomorrow (and a quiz) and I actually need to do the reading I assigned to my students. Okay, okay. I know. I DID read it... three years ago. /me ducks objects being chucked at me. I'm a bad TA. My students are not enthused by me. Oh well, F's for everyone. /me grins evilly. I need to make their next quiz, too. And do the reading for the class I am auditing because we are discussing it tomorrow morning.

T-minus three days, six hours, and four minutes til the season premeire of Grey's Anatomy.
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Still very tired and upset. My world is turned upside down. /me mourns for Denny. /me plots dastardly deeds. /me passes out... okay, not quite yet. But soon. I workerd another of those ten hour days again today- the thing where I work at the museum from 10 to 3, then go to the mall from 4 to 9:30. I am very. very. very. tired.
At least I got by bills paid, if a bit late. What's up with bills being due by 3pm? Oh well. I am, by the way, very happy with my new iTunes selections. I got some new stuff that David and I laugh at on the radio (like Temperature) and them some 90's stuff I forgot even existed (like ENVOGUE! Remember EnVogue?). Now I'm thinking about spending some of my own money on random songs by random artists. I also made a series of mix CDs to play at work entitled "CD of Utter Randomness" (v.1-5). They are hilariously random.
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That's it. I quit. I am never watching that show again. They killed Denny AND the McDog. I am crying now. I am debating whether to send the writers anthrax or pipe bombs.
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I am watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. If they kill Denny, I will personally send an envelope full of Anthrax to each of the show's writers.
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OH MY GOD!!! I just watched last week's Grey's Anatomy online! It was awesome! And there are less than three hours until the next episode!!!!! I'm riveted with suspense!!! (Though I have to admit, the apprehension is not what it should be- after all, they aren't going to kill off the title character of the show, so how anxious can I get?)
On a sadder note, I just found out that Michelle Kwan has withdrawn from the Olympics. It's so sad- after a ten year career, she's never won an Olympic gold, and now she never will. I'll be honest: I knew months ago she wasn't going to win this year. While her injuries are healed, it still takes the body quite a while to get back into top shape again- if ever. If I had to guess, I'd pick Sasha Cohen for the gold this year.
So I'm now at the IMU, where I came to find WiFi to download Grey's Anatomy. Now, being without wheels or money, I am waiting here until David gets off work and picks me up after 8:30. Hopefully, he'll get me home by nine. I can miss housewives- I have several sources I can get that from before Saturday. But missing Grewy's Anatomy is NOT an option.


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