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T- 4 minutes until the dreaded meeting.
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I'm meeting with my advisor tomorrow to discuss why I haven't finished my incompletes and scheduled my MA exams, and to "hammer out a plan" to do so. Promises to be HELL. How do I tell this very nice woman, "I'm too damn depressed to do this shit, and I'm convinced that getting my degree will be more detrimental to my job search than not having it, and by the way, the past three years were the worst of my life, grad school was a bad idea in the first place, and I should have quit after my first semester--I was completely unprepared for graduate study and I'm convinced I have little hope of passing my exams, anyway, so what is the fucking point?"

guilt post

Sep. 11th, 2008 07:50 pm
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So the Cybele update, for those of you who care:

I'm finishing up my second week back at school. On the whole, things are going well, but there have been a few hiccups. First, my degree program got lost. WTF? And so now, mere months before I finish up, it is finally (I hope) on its way to the grad school. And Byron, 13 yr old bundle of sunshine and love that he is got kicked out of school on monday and nearly got us evicted for starting fires in the basement. Great, right? I know I'm thrilled. And in the market for a child shrink.

Other than that things are good. I'm not behind in any of my classes (yet). I'm doing early-morning yoga on Mondays at 7:45, not because I really believe in all that new age crap about psychic energy and aligning energies and certainly not because I love singing the "sunshine song", but because it will be good for my asthma and my joints and hopefully my sanity. I'm teaching mythology again, which is a bit of a disappointment, but that is going very well so far. I keep telling myself all I have to do is put nose to grindstone, finish my incompletes, and get through this semester with no emergencies (for once) and all will be well. Until I have to go and try to find a job. But I refuse to let myself think about that. Denial is sometimes healthy.
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Currently reading the intro to Beeson's "Primer of Medieval Latin". And I thought I had a headache before. It's basically a list of all the ways that Medieval latin differs from Classical Latin. It's phrased very neutrally, e.g., "Words that do X in C.L. do Y in M.L." "X construction means N in C.L. but has the force of M in M.L." "A, B, C, and D are used synonymously in M.L."

What it all boils down to is that medieval writers just sucked at Latin. And it only got worse as time wore on, until the language was virtually unrecognizable.

So far as I read the list of offenses includes gems such as:

Nominative absolutes (what the hell is wrong with using the ablative?)
Substitution of the dative for every other case
pronouns used as definite articles
collapsing diphthongs

... I think my brain just broke.
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So, not a lot is new with me lately. Lets see...

The hubby had minor surgery on Tuesday. DOn't worry, he's fine! Just a little sore and refusing to take the proferred narcotics. Silly man.

I've fallen in love with Lush bath bombs... so far my favorite is Haggenbath, but I've also tried Blackberry and Sakura. Highly recommended.

I just got my new battery and AC adaptor today. Already my computer is running so much faster. I love it, even though the adapter is only a 65 watt, so it takes forever to charge. Better that than the piece of crap I had that's had to be replaced three times in a year!

Other than that, I have a 15 page paper due tomorrow that I haven't started writing yet! Yikes! So I'm off to do that!

Further gratuitous use of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I have a million thigs to grade, I have two presentations next week on papers I haven't started writing yet, I got threatened with violence on teh bus today, I feel like shit, the hubby feels like shit, I have no food in the house, and I have a student trying to run a scam on me and the professor is probably going to let him.

I hate my life.
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I... _still_ suck at LJ. Lol. But we are used to this, yes?

I've just been too busy to journal. Right now I'm TAing two clases (meaning I'm making 50% more this semester than last semester) and taking three classes (Tacitus, Hellenistic Verse seminar, and a Roman history class--which is made of pure awesome). I also still have two incompletes hanging over my head becasue I'm too busy with THIS semester's stuff to finish them. It's getting so I don't want to look my profs in the eye...

But I'm doing okay. I'm stressed out, but not overly so. I'm hella behind, but what else is new? It helps that I'm not being quizzed over the Greek because it's a seminar, not a reading class. I can afford to get a little behind without repercussions. This week, I'll be typing up the final copy of my degree program to submit to the Graduate shool so I can finish up my MA next December. God, that seems weird. Being done with my MA. NO idea what I'm doing after that. We still have to figure out the situation with the kids and Grandma. No solutions are presenting themselves right now. Sigh. I hate all this uncertainty.
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Well... I was going to post a draft ot my paper... but it's too big, so I won't.  Basically I have about 5-and-a-quarter of an eventual 20 pages on women in the first book of Livy's History as models of female political involvement for women of the Augustan period.  APA material it ain't, but I think it's pretty decent scholarship, and it's an angle I haven't found other people taking.

I'm examining the stories of the Sabine women and Lucretia as good examples, and Tarpeia and Tullia as bad ones.  I had thought of Tanaquil, but I think there's too much grey area there, and Verginia is pretty damn boring.  Yeah, she's involved in a political situation, but her actions don't really enter into the equation the way they do with Lucretia.

Slowly but surely, it's coming along.  Very slowly.  *sigh*

25% complete and counting...

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The hubby has flown last-minute to Nevada for the weekend, leaving me at home, alone, with his 12-year-old brother.


I have to teach Tuesday morning at 11.  Sometime before that I have to copy 108 4-page syllabi... and our copier is possessed.  Everytime I try to copy it, all four areas of the machine jam.  Therefore I shall have to come in at the ass crack of 8 AM on Tuesday to copy them in the office copy room (which I can get into, but where my password doesn't work) in order to copy them amidst everyone else last-minutedly trying to do the same thing.  And our office staff are going on strike Wednesday.  

Welcome back, to me.
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Ahem.  You are reading the blog of the sexy lady who just passed her MA Latin Exam.  *bows*

Thank you, thank you.  I know.  I'm fabulous.
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Had my MA Latin exam today.  I wasn't going to turn it in, but I decided to anyway at the last minute.  I don't think I did too badly, so we'll see.  If I didn't pass, I have a year before I have to take it again (Have to make on exam attempt per year until you pass at your level) and I'm allowed to not turn in once.  It could be up to a month until I get it back, depending on who's grading and if the graders agree on my exam, or if they have to pull in a tie-breaker grader.  I had to do two out of four passages, choosing Augustine and Horace over Caesar and Vergil.  Methinks I may have passed.  I don't wanna jinx it, though.

Still all congested with the allergies and the glaven, but I have rediscovered the beauty that is VapoRub.  It's now on my list of miracle products, along with duct tape and chapstick.

In other news, I have now officially left [profile] stupidpetownersfor good.  I'm sick and friggin' tired of people judging me for buying my dog from a pet store.  My puppy came to me healthy and well cared for.  It's possible he came from a puppy mill, but I doubt it.  Even if he were, does that mean he doesn't deserve to be loved and given a home?  Get proper vet care and a good healthy diet?  There are plenty of people who adopt from shelters and then feed crap food and don't take their animals to the vet.  He may be "ill-gotten", but at least my dog is healthy and happy.   There was a big puppy-mill bust near here last week.  Guess how much the puppies are being adopted out for by the shelter that rescued them?  $375, $25 more than I paid for my dog, and I didn't have to fill out an application or invite a stranger in to my home to judge my fitness to be a puppy parent.  I hate self-righteous pet people.
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I hate buying textbooks.  I die a little bit inside every semester.  This semester's total came to $253.76.  For *TWO* classes.    The crazy thing is, I actually saved $35 on the one book becasue the department ordered them directly from the publisher at 30% discount.    Textbooks be evil.  Seriously.  At these prices, I might as well be buying the original manuscripts.
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Back to class again today. Yawn. Professor Nappa managed to talk for 75 minutes about all the scholarly difficulties of studying Catullus. I thought I was going to have to prop my eyelids open with my Mirado Black Warrior pencils. Tomorrow I get 50 minutes of Greek religious texts. Hopefully Professor Sellew is not so inflamed with love for the subject matter and I'll get out of there early.

I start TAing Myth again on Thursday. I'm not saying it won't be nice to get back to work and have something to do, but honestly? The novelty of TAing has long ago worn off. Being the Myth bitch is a totally thankless task, after all. Not like teaching my own Latin class. Totally over it. Oh well. The most I'll ever have to do of it is three semesters.

In other news, my puppy is fabulously cuddly and I am tired.


Dec. 13th, 2006 11:52 am
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Well, things have gotten very slightly better. The DGS has granted me a $500 advance on my summer stipend to pay my insurance bill off (mostly), I have extensions on my Greek paper and exam, and I've resolved the issue with my plagiarizing student to both our satisfactions. Things are looking slightly up.
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Methinks I have actually formed an opinion on the subject I'm writing about (Aristophanes' speech in Plato's Symposium). Yay! Papers are generally better for having an opinion. If ye want to know my opinion, ye may ask. I just don't want to bore thos of you who may not have a clue what I am talking about, as Plato is not exactly light reading.
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I went to the doctor this morning. I have zoloft and and advair diskus (for the low low price of $35! Yay for insurance!) and a recommendation to try an OTC hormone supplement for a week to see if that helps get my body back on track. I got a lot accomplished in a 20 minute appointment.

It will take awhile for things to take effect, I know, but just the fact that I've done something productive to help myself makes a big difference. I still feel like shit, but not so hopelessly so.

Everything feels so... flat and grey and static. Sometimes things feel like they're going in slow motion for a few seconds. I just space out. And while that's no more useful to my concentration than the brain running in anxious circles, at least it's more pleasant. I space and five minutes go by where I didn't think anything depressing or worried or horrible. Five minutes of my day that I didn't have to live and worry through. It's kind of nice. In a mindless zombie kind of way. I almost don't want to try to concentrate on anything. It's like a part of me just wants to stare at the computer screen or writing on a page in hopes that my brain will go into hibernation for a few minutes and I won't have to think or feel anything.

Why can't I be the creative depressed person who writes celebrated depressing poetry instead of the zombie depressee that I am? Oh yeah, now I remember. Those types end up sticking their heads in ovens. Nevermind. Off to zombieland.
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So. Tired.

I am seriously stretched soooooo thin right now.  My hormones are definitely screwed up-- I am 7 weeks late, but apparently not knocked up, and I have almost no sex drive.   But the rest of me is fucked up too.  I almost fell asleep in my Propertius class today- I don't know why, I was feeling fine up until that point.  I'm having off and on ear aches.  My arthritis is flaring up in my right knee.  My winter allergies kicked in today and my winter asthma last night.  *makes mental note to wheedle Advair prescription out of health service*

I'm not doing too bad academically, but I don't feel like I am doing great, either.  I'm getting an overal grade of 85 in the Greek class and I have no idea in the Latin class (but I'm sure it's pretty decent.).  (keep in mind that I have to keep a B+ average to stay in the program).  But I have term papers looming and I am dreading them.  Proficiency exams are in two weeks, but I don't feel ready to take them.  And I don't have to this semester, so I'm not.  But  I don't think I'll ever be ready.

On the plus side, I have a really good chocolate cake upstairs in the office refrigerator.

The thing I am liking the most right now is teaching Mythology.  Because mythology and tragedy and religion are my three top academic interests and I get to teach a little of all three.  I do hope my students are getting something out of it.  I really do try to make the class interesting and to do what I can to help them understand the material (Like making it an assignment to write a study guide for one book of the Odyssey, then making copies for the whole class so they have a complete study guide for the whole shebang).  I must be pretty good at it because the class average on the exam was an A-, right?  Either that or the prof made the exam way too easy.

Latin exam looming on Friday, pray for me (again).  Ugh.  Greek reading group in half an hour.  I REALLY wish I hadn't signed on for that.
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Plato exam in 29 minutes. I don't feel prepared. I never feel prepared. But I feel less prepared than usual because I can't concentrate today. My brain is all over the place. It has decided it doesn't work for me anymore. I should have stolen that tablet of Concerta my hubby stole off his sister. You can think for 12 hours straight on that stuff. Too late now.
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My puppy is soooooooo smart. I bub my cute wittle pupper, yes I do! /disgusting puppy voice.

Life is good(er). I have a smart puppy who now tries to tell us when he needs to go, an A on my last Greek quiz, and a Lilo and Stich cookie jar (and a large ziploc-ware) full of Sara Anne's Top Secret (ought to be) Patented Family Recipe ginger cookies. /me wipes drool and cookie crumbs off chin. Don't ask me for the recipe. I mean, I could tell ya, but I'd have to kill ya. Then eat all your cookies.
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A certain professor is seriously the most difficult person in the world. That's putting it nicely. I'm registered for a one-credit, non-graded "no pressure" Greek reading group. He is directing it. I'm actually the only one taking it for credit of the four of us. Apparently I did a bad thing last night by not going to my NON GRADED class and not telling him. He sent me an e-mail this morning "Hi Angela. We missed you in Greek reading group last night." You have to know him to feel the sarcasm. Then he stops me as I'm coming into the building to tell me that missing class is "unacceptable" and that he's going to the DGS to ask him whether or not I am required to attend. Well, obviously I should be attending a class I am registered for. But does missing one class warrant administrative consultation? Serisouly? I had more important things to do. I'm behind in my Plato reading, as well as having a paper topic due in that same class today. Pardon me for managing my time as best I can and staying home last night to do work I AM ACTUALLY BEING GRADED ON.

I keep trying to tell myself that I will eventually settle in here and all will be well. Then Thursdays happen. I seriously think Thursday is my worst day ever. (Judging from the past 2, anyway). I seriously want to cry, even though I know that this minor mishap does not warrant a crying fit. But such is my current emotional state.


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