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Went to reading group.  Only two of us showed up.  We decided not to do Greek tonight, and Jeremy got me drunk on Captain 'n' coke.  Hubby is all jealous-like.  Did I mention I'm a little drunk?

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Evil evil evil Latin final over. I bombed it. Do I care? Not so much. I am tired and I still have tequilla churning in my stomach, though I'm pretty sure I've peed too many times for there still to be any in my system. Oh well, I am DONE for three glorious weeks before French starts. I can deal. Amazingly, I got an A- out of Rosemary. I'm a little freaked out about it. NO other grades in as of yet, but I'm not worried, again, because I don't care. Not caring is the best ever... and I'm not even on Zoloft this time. Ugh... have to open the museum in about an hour and a half. I think I may go over to the health food store on the ped mall and purchase some breakfast that may not make me sick.
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Karaoke... Tequilla... Nausea. Going to bed now--Latin final in the morning. /me passes out. /me hubby wonders why I can't be one of those horny drunks he's heard so much about.


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