Epic fail.

Jun. 19th, 2007 07:09 pm
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I went downtown to the library and to the office today to do stuff. I get home 20 minutes ago... no keys. I left my keys (apparently) at the office, half an hour's bus ride away, a 20 minute wait for another bus, and a thrity minute ride back. Decided to chill at Spyhouse and wait for the hubby to get home and drive me to the office instead. Much simpler. And cleaner.

In other news, my mulberry jam is excellent, and we got some more berries on sale today at Rainbow to make a triple-berry variety, as well as some pear nectar for pear jelly.
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Surreal is sitting in your bathroom half-naked stemming mulberries for four hours.

Yes, I can explain. My kitchen doesn't have enough room in it to do this in without cleaning it, and my sink is full so it's easier to rinse them in the tub. I was getting purple juice all over me and I don't own an apron, so I striped down to my skivvies to work on stemming my 5 friggin' quarts of mulberries. I think there are endless piles of mulberries to stem in hell, but I digress. Meanwhile, the hubby endeavored to assist me in my jam-prepping pursuits. However, he was hampered considerably by a broken wrist, and the presence of naked bewbies.

But we finally got done and now the hubby is off to the suburbs to buy a big pan to do the canning in (he forgot it while we were at Wally World last night), giving me time to blog about the oddities of my life.
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I guess I sould like... post or something. I suck at LJ. Srsly.

So what's new with me? Hmmm... I got a hair cut. Max got a haircut (see below post). I got a temp job starting July 9, manning the beer tent for Sommerfest at the Minnesota Orchestra. Massive amounts of [livejournal.com profile] customers_suck is sure to ensue. My feet and fingers are purple-stained from picking the neighbor's mulberries (with permission, of course). THe hubby is gonna teach me how to make jam! Hmm... what else? NOt a whole hell of a lot. I have nothing really to do, except all those summer reading list plans I had. Boo. I play Susie Homemaker making crock pot stews, bleaching the hubby's socks, etc. I take naps. I cuddle the dog. That's pretty much it. It's boring, but peaceful. Luckily not as disturbingly peaceful as it was at SJU a few weeks ago. That was eerie... no students--hell, even the monks were on retreat. It was friggin' empty, and a 15 minute drive away from the nearest approximation of civilization. Not even a coffee shop there. **shudders**
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Nummy Caramel Steamer ala Hubby:

(all amounts extremely approximate)

In a large sauce pan heat about 4 cups of milk, adding a slosh of vanilla extract.  Stir occasionally until hot.

Meanwhile, in a small saucepan, melt 2-3 tablespoons butter (or buttery-flavored whatever).
Add sugar (2 parts brown to one part white) gradually, until mixture is so thick it rolls up into a wet-sandy-looking ball as you stir it.
Add a teensy bit of milk--just enough to thin it out to a saucey, syrupy texture.

Add caramel sauce to hot milk (watch it froth!), stir, top with whipped cream, and enjoy!

Makes about three coffee mugs worth (one for me, one for the hubby, and one for the dog!)

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I did very little today. I vegetated in between helping my hubby made fettucine with home-made-from-scratch marinara and meatballs. It was very very very good. /me drools. Then I had a very nummy red pear and a banana and some icecream and... I'm still hungry. That was two hours ago. Hmmmmmm. I may have to go get something. Except it is COLD and I'm not sure I want to venture out again past our front step where I let Max out to pee in the leaves.

I will pay tomorrow for today's lack of accomplishment, but... whatever. It feels good. And I haven't felt good in a while, so I think I'm entitled.
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My puppy is soooooooo smart. I bub my cute wittle pupper, yes I do! /disgusting puppy voice.

Life is good(er). I have a smart puppy who now tries to tell us when he needs to go, an A on my last Greek quiz, and a Lilo and Stich cookie jar (and a large ziploc-ware) full of Sara Anne's Top Secret (ought to be) Patented Family Recipe ginger cookies. /me wipes drool and cookie crumbs off chin. Don't ask me for the recipe. I mean, I could tell ya, but I'd have to kill ya. Then eat all your cookies.
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I cooked and it was edible!  I threw beef chunks, olive oil, oregano, thyme, fresh basil, red pepper, tomato, onion, zucchini and yellow squash together in a pan, let it simmer, and threw it in my pasta sauce.  It was edible.
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Well, I didn't get to Burlington last night, because David didn't get home until nearly nine. Oh well, since David is broke and doesn't have anything planned, I guess I'll go back tomorrow night on my birthday. But my laptop is still on time and will be arriving tomorrow. Happy birthday to me!!! Until then, I guess I'll deal. Work tonight, then I wake up to my hubby making me breakfast. num... pancakes! And I made scones this morning- buttery sugar-covered scones with chunks of dried peaches! Now I'm hungry again.


Dec. 18th, 2005 10:32 pm
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So David finally did wake up yesterday. We then baked my sister a birthday cake and had wild kitchen sex while it baked. (I know. That is so wrong.) We then took my sister the cake, visited DAvid's little brother (also his birthday) and then we went drinking with my dad. (Also a bit weird and wrong, but he was buying.) We then returned to my parents' where my sister had returned with her four friends... who took her to the porn shop and bought her a foot-long, black, vibrating dildo as big around as my wrist. (Suddenly I feel less weird about my kitchen sex.)
And now David and I are both sick with the exact same symptoms. So much for more sex.


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