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Slowly getting used to the Mac. Very slowly. It can be kind of frustrating as a long-time PC person to figure out to do things. I keep trying to remember back to middle school how to do things (the last time I used a mac regularly), but I either can't remember, or I DO remember, but it isn't that way anymore. Getting to buy all kinds of accessories for it helps me stay positive.

Yesterday I got a pink hard case for it to protect it from scratches. I also got a (pink) jacket for my (pink) Nano. Today I got a (pink) bluetooth mouse (I can right-click now!), an iSkin for my keyboard, and a cute polka-dotted neoprene laptop bag. All the pinkness is to prevent stealage by the hubby and brother-in-law. I also downloaded Symantec Antivirus and a freeware solitaire game (not sure I like it, may delete it).

Lest you think me selfish and self-absorbed, I also took the hubby to Men's Wearhouse to pick out a new suit and two shirt/tie/pocket silk combos to match, plus tailoring. He lost 20 lb and his old suit is now way too large.
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Having fun with my pretty new Mac Book today.

I bought a portable hard drive for transporting over all the stuff from my old computer. It took a whole half an hour for like 2000 songs and 3000 images plus documents. Totally worth the $80.

I've discovered I will have to actually go out and buy Windows to put on my computer if I want it, because it has to be a full installation disk blah blah blah and all that is available through the U is upgrades, and all I have is the reinstall disk from my old PC. I looked on UMart (the university place for electronics discounts) and there are a million friggin' versions of Windows on there and I am afraid of buying the wrong one. Bah. Guess I'll have to get used to OSX for a while.

But I did download a bunch of freeware.

I have Open Office (because the office disc I have is for PC), Puzzle Pirates of course, Microsoft Messenger, StuffIt!, GIMP and a couple of little programs that let me make pretty colored folders.

Next up is AdAware (free) and Symantec Antivirus (free through the U).

I'm sure there are other things I want to put on there, but I can't think of them right now.
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I am typing up this entry... on my BRAND NEW MAC BOOK!!!!

Of course, I intend to partition and install Windows as soon as I can. Which will be the shit.

Plus, I got a free pink 8G iPod Nano.
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So, not a lot is new with me lately. Lets see...

The hubby had minor surgery on Tuesday. DOn't worry, he's fine! Just a little sore and refusing to take the proferred narcotics. Silly man.

I've fallen in love with Lush bath bombs... so far my favorite is Haggenbath, but I've also tried Blackberry and Sakura. Highly recommended.

I just got my new battery and AC adaptor today. Already my computer is running so much faster. I love it, even though the adapter is only a 65 watt, so it takes forever to charge. Better that than the piece of crap I had that's had to be replaced three times in a year!

Other than that, I have a 15 page paper due tomorrow that I haven't started writing yet! Yikes! So I'm off to do that!

Further gratuitous use of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I want seeeeeeeeeeeeeeks. Nao.

I need a new laptop battery. Apparently, the inculded battery for my laptop (DELL inspiron 1501) likes to crap out after a little over a year, all of a sudden. Lovely, right? And I'm already on my FOURTH power adapter for it. I'm so pissed. I can get the same battery I already have for $140 or one that actually works for $300. I can get both cheaper from thir party sources, but I'm afraid I'll get burned, ya know? Any advice?

I've not gotten anything done all weekend. C'est la vie.

I got a new popcorn popper. I am in love. At least I was until I was turning it over (the top doubles as a serving bowl) and dripped hot oil on my foot. Note to self: do not make popcorn while barefoot.

That is all.
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 Laptop fall down go boom.

Laptop says "ow!  You hurted me!  I no talks to you anymore!" *blinks little green eyes furiosly and makes angry beepy noises of doom*

/me e-mails profs to tell them they arent getting my term papers this week after all... and cries into her pillow.
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*Sigh of happiness*

I have a new lappy and an illegal version of Photoshop CS2. Life is almost good.
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So I finally got my new lappy.  I am a but befuddled by Vista though.  I'm totally discombobulated by the strangeness of it.  I suppose I shall have to adapt.

In other news, I am stepping down to the MA level here in Minnesota.  It's either that or probably getting booted altogether next year for not keeping up my GPA to a 3.5.  I can handle a 3.0.  Today we did Pindar, and I was a Greek-translating rock star.
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I've got a loaner computer (PowerBook G4) that I'm borrowing from the department. Being the Mac-hater that I am, this is going to be a bit of an adjustment. Hopefully it will be short term. Did I mention I hate Macs?
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Some fuckwit didn't lock the office door and my computer got stolen.  I need a tranquilizer.

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December 28, 2006
Dell, Inc.
One Dell Way
Round Rock, TX  78682
To Whom it May Concern:
I am writing to express my extreme disappointment in the level of service I have lately received from your company, specifically with regard to technical support, under-warranty hardware repair, and general customer service. My disappointment stems not only from the performance of certain support personnel, but also the lack of concern and respect for the customer displayed by the company as a whole via its policies and procedures. I will begin by relating the specific events that occurred in the course of my hardware problem with as much detail as I can manage, though my narrative will be necessarily incomplete due to the negligence of your personnel on more than one occasion to send obligatory follow-up e-mails, thereby depriving me of documentation of times, dates, and names of those with whom it was my misfortune to interact, details which I was assured at the time would be provided therein, and which I consequently did not feel it necessary to make note of.
The original problem occurred some time in late October or early November. The LCD display on my computer, though having suffered no external damage at all, developed three vertical colored lines on the display. Through a long and arduous technical support phone session, which entailed much unnecessary rebooting of my computer, an apparent language barrier, and remote control of my system by one of the techs, it was determined that the damage was internal and was covered under my warranty. I was told I had only to send in my system and the LCD panel would be replaced free of charge. Since I am a graduate student, and it was the middle of the semester, I declined at that time to send the system in for repair, electing instead to endure the minor annoyance of the LCD defect for the time being and to send in my system over the winter break when its absence would be less inconvenient. I was told by the tech I spoke to that I had only to reply to her follow-up e-mail when I was ready to be sent shipping materials and that they would be provided. The promised e-mail never arrived in my inbox, despite confirmation of my e-mail address. 
A month later, my computer suffered some accidental damage which destroyed the LCD panel beyond usability. Considering that I had a previously documented defect to the monitor and a promise of free replacement, I was confident that arranging for replacement of the LCD would be no problem at all. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The phone call that followed was the most frustrating exchange I have ever experienced. The first tech, Stephanie, and her supervisor, who identified himself as George, assailed me with endless repetitions that “accidental damage is not covered by my warranty” and offered to sell me an accidental damage policy, which I declined. They absolutely refused to consider the fact of my previously documented damage, and insisted that if I sent it in, the repair technicians would immediately see that the damage was accidental and would refuse to repair it. I was told that they could do nothing to communicate the already pending issue to the repair depot so that they would consent to the repair. Through much insistence, I was granted yet another escalation to higher management and was scheduled for a call-back two hours later. 
When I was finally called back, twenty minutes after the scheduled time, I was given the number for DHL and instructed to contact them for shipping materials. I was given no guarantee that my system would undergo any repair at all. Instead I was informed that the repair depot would be informed of the repair already pending on my system one month previous, but that it would ultimately be up to the repair personnel whether to repair the system at no cost or to charge me for the repairs. I was told that it would take five to eight business days from the date of receipt at the depot for me to receive my system back. Not terribly reassured by this exchange, I removed my charger, battery, and hard drive and shipped in my system a few days later. After that phone call, I received no communication to apprise me of the status of my repair whatsoever. 
When over two weeks had passed and I had not received my system back or received any word at all with regard to the status of my repair, I was understandably concerned and immediately tried to contact support personnel on December 16. Not sure who to call for such a concern, I first attempted to chat online with general customer service to find out who I should call. I soon found that your chat system is not friendly at all to dial-up internet users. Nevertheless, the tech I finally spoke to was very helpful, and was able to provide me with my express service code and service tag necessary to speak with hardware support personnel. However, when I called tech support, the tech I spoke to could find no record whatsoever of my repair and was unable to help me at all. Instead he told me to call DHL on Monday (this was a Saturday) and ask them where my system was. Again, I received no follow-up e-mail.
After two days of worrying and waiting, finally contacted DHL and discovered that my system had arrived at the Repair depot on the morning of December 1.  Understandably, I was upset and confused. My system had been in the hands of your company for over two weeks, apparently unbeknownst to anybody.  For all I knew, it could have been stolen or misplaced. I made yet another urgent call to technical support, luckily answered by a very helpful English-speaking technician who was willing to go off-script in his efforts to resolve my issue. After I explained the situation and my worries that my system could not be located, he contacted his supervisor while I was on hold and offered to send an e-mail to the repair depot on my behalf. Though it would take 2 days to receive a call back, this was more than the previous technician was able to do for me, and I was grateful, though I couldn’t help but think that if the previous tech had done so when I called on Saturday, I might have received more prompt answers to my concerns. For yet a third time, I received no follow-up e-mail, nor was I called back two days later as had been promised.
 However, the next day, I received an automated e-mail communication, informing me that my system had been received at the depot and that I would be notified of each change in its repair status. This was nearly three weeks after the date of its receipt at the repair depot as documented by DHL. Additionally, my contact information, despite having verified it during each of my conversations with support personnel, was incorrect in the e-mail.   Quite frankly, I was livid. I was not at all confident that my system would be shipped back to the correct address: if they had a two year old phone number in that e-mail, how did I know they weren’t operating off of my two year-old address as well? I strongly suspect even now that my system was misplaced and was only discovered and placed in the repair queue because I took the time to inquire as to its whereabouts. I hate to think how long it would have taken to be found if I had not. No doubt I would still be without my computer today. At this point, I was frantic. I had been without my computer for approximately three weeks and the holidays were rapidly approaching. I was due to go out of town in a few days and was concerned that my system would be undeliverable while I was away and would be eventually sent back to the depot, further delaying the return of my laptop. I was not at all confident at this point that I would be kept informed of my laptop’s status and return.  I made yet another call, which confirmed the receipt date as December 1 and informed me, much to my chagrin, that my computer had still not been so much as touched by a technician, though according to the time frame I was quoted I should have had it back a week ago. I was told that “things take longer around the holidays.” 
At this point, I would like to make a slight digression to ponder this assertion. I will grant that shipping does get backlogged around the holidays, but I fail to see any reason why computer repair should be delayed. I see no reason why the holidays should affect computer defects and a need for warranty-covered repairs. This I took to be a very unconvincing and badly thought-out excuse.   Desperate and understandably annoyed by this point, I asked either that my system either be shipped to my parent’s address in Iowa, which I provided, or for return shipment to be delayed until after the holidays. I provided my cell phone number and was promised a call back, which, as I should have expected by this point, I never received. Uneasily, I left town for the holidays on December 20.
A few days later, still having received no word at all, I decided to chat with tech support yet again and inquire as to my machine’s whereabouts. Imagine my surprise when I was informed that delivery had been attempted at my Minneapolis apartment the previous day! Needless to say, I was not pleased. Having been given the tracking number by the technician online, I was able to contact DHL in my area the next day and ask that delivery be delayed until I was back in town, a request which they very kindly obliged. My laptop was finally delivered to my apartment today, a month after I sent it out, and luckily I can find no complaint with the repair. My new LCD works perfectly. This doesn’t mean that I am at all pleased with the level of service I have received from this company.
I’ll be blunt: Your company continues to make money because your machines are among the most affordable on the market. It certainly is not due to the quality of hour hardware, nor because of your supposedly “award-winning” technical support, which as far as I can tell, is of the poorest quality imaginable. I remember a time when this company took pride in, and actively advertised, the fact that its support call centers were all in the United States. Now the vast majority of your calls go to centers in India, in which the technicians are plainly working from a set of scripted trouble-shooting instructions and responses to frequently asked questions, making for extremely impersonal and inadequate service. By contrast, the few times I have been lucky enough to receive service from an American tech, they were extremely friendly, personable, and able to think on their feet. They are willing to believe me when I tell them I have performed the required troubleshooting already and have identified the problem myself. 
The quality of your hardware is not much better. My first Dell system lasted me only three years before it eventually ceased to run in any useful capacity, and my latest system has had three parts replaced under warranty in the year I have owned it: my AC adaptor, keyboard, and now my LCD. I only hope that nothing more goes wrong with my machine because I absolutely refuse to spend another penny on extending the warranty on this computer. I will willingly pay any other company whatever it takes to repair my laptop if needed rather than give your company another cent of my hard-earned money, nor will I ever, ever, purchase another Dell system. The monetary savings simply do not compensate for the extraordinary costs in time and aggravation which I have suffered in the past month. No doubt the loss of my own modest purchases in the future does not concern so large a company. I can only hope that if enough of us make our displeasure known to you (I assure you there are many), you might eventually find it prudent to make some necessary changes to the quality of your products and services.
Angela Ancelet

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You might as well hear the whole story, which is starting to get long and irritating. First I have to argue for hours on November 27 to get them to even consider repairing my computer. (Not going into that hell again). Then I send it in three days later via DHL: I hear nothing from Dell for over 2 weeks. Then I call to see where it is on Saturday (after first having to get customer service to give me the codes I need in order for me to even get through the system to the tech people- all those wonderful numbers on the bottom of your computer that I don’t have because –duh- they have my computer), and nobody can tell me where my laptop is or if it was even received. I'm told to call DHL on Monday to see if they have it. Very helpful, wonderful service, that is. DHL tells me this morning it was delivered on the first. I called back today, getting a tech who speaks beautiful colloquial American English (what a novelty) and isn’t reading off of a script! and am told I have to wait another two days to get any answers while he e-mails the depot asking where it is. (incidentally, does anybody remember that time about five or six years ago when Dell launched a marketing campaign, priding themselves on NOT outsourcing their “award-winning” technical support?) This at least was more help than the last guy could give me (he told me he had no way at all to check repair status), so I figured this was fine. At least I’ll get some answers, if slowly. Then, finally, three hours ago I get an e-mail that my computer has been received at the depot- 17 DAYS AFTER IT WAS RECEIVED AND SIGNED FOR AT THE DEPOT, ACCORDING TO DHL RECORDS:

Your Dell notebook has been received at the repair center.
What's Next?
• Please review your dispatch information below and keep this email for reference. If you need to make any changes to the dispatch contact information, please visit our Support Center or Click Here to chat with a live support representative.
• You will receive an email when your repair has been completed or if there are any status changes.

Dispatch Information
Dispatch Number: ********
Service Tag: ********
Contact Phone: 319*******

The contact information in the e-mail I have finally received is totally incorrect. Obviously my first and last names are NOT the same, and the phone number they have listed is one from four moths ago, where my computer was originally shipped when I bought it nearly a year ago. I'm not sure how many times in the past four days I have confirmed my name and phone number, but apparently it was one too few. What idiots. I was told my entire repair and shipment would take about 5-8 business days and so far it has taken seventeen days, apparently for anyone to notice my computer was even at the depot (that is, if they didn’t just misplace it and not find it until I called to inquire and they couldn’t find it). 17 FRIGGIN’ DAYS. I’m told they get backed up this time of year. How? I understand that shipping delays happen over the holidays? But under-warranty computer repair? HOW? How does that make sense? My computer has not even been TOUCHED by a technician yet. This is absolutely ridiculous service. I will go buy an iBook before I EVER buy another Dell. From me, that’s saying a hell of a lot
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I don't know whether to sell my puppy for laptop money or make a rug out of him.

Here's the scenario.  We are parked down the block from our apartment.  Max, the hubby, and I are walking out to the car.  I am holding the leash and am burdened by a very heavy (40lb, I estimate) backpack.  Hubby starts to cross the street, unnoticed by me.  I am walking down the block, intending to cross further down, closer to the car.  The puppy (leash in right hand, curb on my left) runs after the hubby, cutting behind me.  Desperately trying to lock the leash, I am spun around, thrown off balance by the pull of the (30 lb) puppy and the weight of my back pack, trip over the curb, and land flat on my back in the street.  Ow.  After a few moments, I am able to move, and I hobble to the car.

But the fun doesn't end there.  

When I get to campus, I discover that my laptop LCD is shattered internally.  My Inspiron 600m is now a $900 paperweight.  Great.  But I think, well, I'm in luck.  A month ago, my laptop developed a small problem with the LCD and Dell promised to replace it.  I was waiting until winter break to send it in when it would be more convenient for me to be without my computer.  Oh well, I'll just have to do it earlier than I thought.  No problem, right?


Dell is refusing to replace it because my warranty doesn't cover accidental damage.  I very patiently explained that they had already agreed to replace it before and I didn't understand why more damage to a part they had already agreed to replace was a problem.  To no avail. I requested an escalation to management.  All I got was endless repetition by the supervisor (I'll call him Punjab) that accidental damage was not covered under my warranty and that it was my responsibility to take care of my equipment.  I asked for a second escalation (not too politely I'm afraid, but I was pissed) and am awaiting a call back from upper management... scheduled for 20 minutes ago


Okay, just got off the phone with the third level person (I'll call this one Apu).  Apu says they'll try to make the repair depot understand that there was already a replacement pending on the part before the accident and try to get them to replace it free of charge.   But apparently, it is up to the depot whether or not to charge me for it (wtf?) and that someone from the depot will call me before replacing it if they intend to charge me.

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1. Sex is good. Okay, maybe that isn't news.
2. Spilling rootbeer when your CD-Rom drive is open is best avoided. You waste good gourmet rootbeer that way. (no damage to lappy. whew!)
3. Eye dialation sucks, especially when you almost faint. But thorough (free!) eye exams and a doctor that tells you to come back in three years are good. Affordable good-quality frames are also good.
4. Plato is evil. Maybe you knew that.
5. Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yarrrrrr!


T-minus two days, six hours and twenty five minutes til the season premeire of Grey's Anatomy!
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Woooooooooooooooooot!  While cleaning I found the original packaging and product key for my free copy of OneNote so I don't have to buy it!  Woooooooooooooooooot!
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Dell is sending me a new laptop keyboard which I must then attempt to install. Fun.

On the plus side, I did just buy some new grad-school wear. *Prettyness!* *Pinstripes!*
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My space bar is malfunctioning. one of the little thingies under it broke. I hate my life.
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Worst day of my life. Ever. I won't go into details, except to say that I had a meltdown and I should have been back on ZOloft six months ago. That was before 8 hours of working my ass off. That was before I found my last deqad hamster this evening. That was before I discovered that the AC adaptor for my laptop had died.

I now have no money, no hamster, no laptop, and very little remaining sanity.

I argued a new adaptor out of Dell. They wanted me to send in my whole computer to make sure there was nothing wrong with the AC port. After haldf an hour of explaining the problem in minute detail, I got them to do it my way. But it'll be 2-3 business days until I get a new one. I'm not sure whether or not that includes shipping time.

Do you realize I can't pillage for at least 5 days????? In lieu of Zolost, pillaging was my self-medication. That's it. Now I'm going to be a raving psychopath.
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I installed Windows Service Pack 2. And now I'm back in 4-bit. Again. I also can't connect to the internet. I'm uninstalling the service pack now. Hopefully, all will revert back. It supposedly made a back-up of everything before it installed, so there shouldn't be any problems. After seeing what this did, I don't think I'll be installing any other updates. My mother doesn't need anything fancy, after all. She'll probably just play a lot of solitaire. I can't see her surfing the internet and playing high resolution computer games or anything. Though I do wish the speakers worked so she could play music.
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New installation has restored 16 bit color. Thank God. I've installed Office XP and such, established an internet connection, and am installing windows updates from the internet. Still can't change the color or resolution settings, nor do I have any sound. As far as I can tell, I am having driver problems. However, I know nothing about computers beyond what is needed to use the thing for my everyday needs, so it's just going to stay messed up.


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