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Birthdate:Jan 24
Location:Minnesota, United States of America
Most any crafty project you see me post on a community is either for sale (some of them on etsy under rightsaidred) or is negotiable. If it's something already made for someone else, I can certainly make another to your specifications. Custom work is certainly a possibility. PM me if interested. Keep in mind, I only do PayPal, for the mutual protection of us both.

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Grad student at UM, at the exam stage. I'm naturally very busy (not really), so I don't post often. When I do it's either a meme or a (usually political) rant. I also like to post about my two fluffy poodlemonsters. I enjoy SciFi/fantasy, Classics (Greek and Latin, not Dickens), holistic medicine, and yoga. Also, conservative politics, eating lots of meat, and the classical educational model. Things that drive me crazy are bugs, acne (seriously, I'm an OCD zit popper), smokers, and people who talk a lot of crap about things they don't understand.

WARNING: Yes, I am an OMG EBIL REPUBLICAN. And I blog! And I'm frankly not interested in debating with anyone. So, if you think you can just ignore those entries of mine that you disagree with, that's probably for the best. I will endeavor to do the same for you. Militant liberals trolling my journal are the reason my LJ is friends only in the first place. As such I have zero tolerance for any argumentative bullshit-- don't make me ban you.

Land of the FREE because of the BRAVE

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