Jun. 12th, 2009

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So I had this friend in high school. We were pretty good friends, did a lot of stuff together. We were never inseparable besties or anything, but friends. Things got a little tense when she got the part I felt I should have had in our last school play, but we remained friendly (She was the drama teacher's pet, but said she didn't want the part and wasn't going to audition, then did anyway the second day of try outs and got the part. I got to be her understudy. I was understandably a bit hurt). When we got to college, we still hung out occasionally.

Then she started dating this guy who was a year behind us in school and all the sudden forgot about all her friends. She just... quit talking to us. Friends of hers I didn't even really know commented on this to me. She contacted me via e-mail out of the blue one day after months of silence to bitch that my website was a "carbon copy" of hers and I was trying to be her (Because calling someone a pathetic wannabe is the way to win back your pissed off friends). I sent back an angry e-mail, deleted the website, and she never spoke to me again. Not even when we had 2 classes together in the next few years (we had the same 2nd major). Once in a while I got curious as to what she was up to and checked her blog, but after a few months, complete radio silence (this girl creates new blogs with the frequency some people buy shoes, so I assume she moved on).

So she came to mind this evening, and by some miracle I found a trace of her on the interwebs!

Turns out, she married the guy, lives in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and works as a glorified secretary at a nature center. And she got FAT. She has two chins, has a BAD "mom haircut" and looks 10 years older than she is. And this is a girl who used to be a 5'10" size 3 with long flowing blonde hair.

I don't care how mean spirited this sounds...

My life may be shit, but at least I'm still cute!


Okay, now I feel like an ass. Apparently she got cancer and lost a leg. :( She was still a bitch to me though. And she's a batshit insane kool-aid drinking granola-eating braless hippie.
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Oh yay! I discovered a wonderful group on Ravelry today: Random Acts of Kindness. You can post monthly what your wish list is and if people have what you are wanting on hand, or are just really nice, they will send it to you! Looking around, it looks like a lot of people get their wishes granted! So yay! Here's hoping. Since I've been out of work, my budget just can't keep up with my knitting habit. I would dearly love to expand my needle collection and get some nice new yarn to over-dye with kool-aid. *crosses fingers*


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