Mar. 1st, 2009

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 I had no problem with them for my wedding.  No problems with picking out my bridesmaid dress.  No problems at my alteration appointment.  Up until today, I rather liked the company.  Then, I got a voice mail, that went something like this:

"Hello, Angela.  This is so-and-so from David's Bridal alterations department.  We have your dress here, which you came in to have altered on February 19 and to be picked up on March 13 at 4 pm, but we don't have the ticket that shows you paid."  

[item: it is their policy that alterations have to be paid for in advance.  They are very politely accusing me of skipping out on the bill.]

"If you paid, we need the transaction number from the top of your receipt, or if you did not pay, we will need you to call back and let us know so we can mark your dress "payment due" before we will begin altering your dress. Thank you, have a nice day."
What.  The.  Fuck.  They are basically holding my $200 dress ransom unless I can prove they messed up.  This is especially stressful as I have lost the receipt, but I check my online banking and I do know the payment went through, so I have that to fall back on.

I was livid.  But, trying to remain calm, I called them to get it straightened out.  Alterations did not answer, not surprisingly, so I called the main number.  I explained the situation to the nice girl who answered, who then asked me to "hold on a minute."  

Three minutes! later a guy with a thick accent answers, whom I take to be the manager.  I guess it's no longer the thing to let someone know they are being transfered? I can barely understand him, and I take it he can't understand me either, as he asks me the same questions several times, all of which he should have been able to look up himself, and several minutes of absolute silence pass before he finds the transaction and tells me he will reprint the receipt and give alterations a copy.  

I politely remarked before thanking him and hanging up that this could very easily have been handled without calling me and making me worry.  He insisted that he had no way of knowing what time I came in, blah blah blah.  I let him know otherwise.  

This is what appointment books and alterations tickets are for.  The alterations ticket has my name and appointment time on it, as well as the price of the alterations.  All they had to do was look in their transactions for an approximate $45 transaction on February 19 around 3 pm with my name attached to it.

Which is exactly what they did, after I called and requested that I do it. But I shouldn't have HAD to. I guess it's just easier to insinuate that the customer is a thief than to admit that you may have made an error.

TL;DR: Basically, whoever rung me up (After the alterations person had escorted me to the register and handed my bill to the cashier, no less) did not give a copy of the receipt to the seamstress as she should have, making alterations think I didn't p.  And instead of looking up the transaction, which they have al the information necessary to do, they decided it was up to ME to figure it all out for them.  At no point are they willing to admit that THEY screwed up.  

ETA: Be sure to check out the parallel post in bad_service, in which I have more people jumping on me and ramming things down my throat than Paris Hilton at a rave party.  Charming people really.  Not only do their reading comprehension skills fail, but when they ran out of arguments as to why this OMG ISN'T BAD SERVICE, they started attacking (with poor grammar, I might add) my writing style and resorting to childish name-calling.  So far I've been called a bridezilla (lol, whut?  not my wedding.), a bitch, an entitleed bitch, various other varietals of bitch... I turned off e-mail notification.  Oh, and I have my own snark community post where they say even more lovely things.    Note that I never once resorted to name-calling.  But I'm the bitch for expecting a company providing a paid-for service to keep accurate records about said service.

ETA2: Now I have been likened to a dog.  Pavlov's to be precise.


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