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Jun. 20th, 2009 07:28 pm
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So my new crafty obsession is handpainted yarn. I bought a whole bunch on sale at JoAnn's and my LYS, then used my 50% off coupons at MIchaels for some more. I'm obsessed. I have two still drying, but here are the ones that are dry and skeined up:

The first is Psychedelic:

This one is done with 6 flavors of kool-aid using the handpaint/oven method. The white spots the method left combined with the colors made me think of tie-dye.

The next two are part of the June dye-along on my Ravelry group. This month's theme is "Emotions" So I give you (Grapes of) Wrath and Rage:

(Grapes of) Wrath


(Grapes of) Wrath is done with the jars-in-a-big-pot method with kool-aid (Grape, Lime, Black Cherry). I tied the skein too tightly, so it has a few white spots, but I don't particularly mind.

Rage was a small ball of orange merino that I didn't like. I overdyed it with some kind of red kool-aid. Again, the ties left bare spots (I have since learned to not do that). To complement the bare orange spots, I added spots of black using blue food coloring. I think it looks very angry and rage-y, hence the name. Though it also reminds me of lava, so I might re-name it Mt. Doom.


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